Cardi Bは、悪質な噂の中でYouTuber TashaKに対する訴訟で400万ドルを授与しました

YOUTUBER Tasha K was ordered to pay $4 million to Cardi B after she was found liable for starting and spreading vicious rumors about the rapper.

The vlogger claimed, とりわけ, that the New York native had herpes, simulated sex acts on herself on stages, and worked as a prostitute.

Cardi B was awarded $4 million in a lawsuit against Tasha K

Cardi B was awarded $4 million in a lawsuit against Tasha Kクレジット: ゲッティ
The YouTuber was found liable for spreading vicious rumors about the rapper

The YouTuber was found liable for spreading vicious rumors about the rapperクレジット: Instagram/Tasha K

Just one day after a federal jury awarded Cardi B $1.25 百万, she was awarded an additional $2.8 million on Tuesday, による ニューヨーク・タイムズ.

The newspaper reported that the sum included $25,000 for the musician’s medical expenses.

It also included about $1.3 million to cover her legal fees.

Tasha K, real name Latasha Kebe, was found liable on two counts of slander and one count each of libel and invasion of privacy, according to a verdict filed on Monday.

Her videos were originally posted in 2018.

それらの中で, she claimed Cardi B had herpes outbreaks in her mouth and said she would give birth to a child with intellectual disabilities.


ミートローフ 'covid'年齢で死ぬ 74 賛辞が注がれるように彼の側に妻と一緒に


ミートローフの「コビッドの死」’ 年齢 74 賛辞が注がれるように彼の側に妻と一緒に

Cardi B took the stand during the trial, testifying that the claims in those videos made herextremely suicidal.

She also said thatonly and evil person could do that.


ビルボード reported that a federal jury sided with the WAP rapper, 29, in her lawsuit alleging that Tasha K launched amalicious campaignto hurt her reputation.

The jury found that the YouTuber defamed Cardi B and awarded her more than $1 百万の損害賠償.

The verdict came down after a two-week trail featuring testimony from Cardi B and Tasha K.

She was found liable for defamation and two other types of wrongdoings related to her Internet posts.

月曜日に, Billboard reported that Cardi B and Tasha K’s teams would return to court on Tuesday to discuss potential additional damages.


Cardi B sued Tasha K in 2019 after she shared dozens of videos containing claims about the rapper.

One video, which was cited in the lawsuit, claimed that Cardi Bf**ked herself with beer bottles on f**king stripper stages.

In other videos, Tasha K claimed Cardi B contracted herpes, was a prostitute, cheated on husband オフセット, and had done hard drugs.

The trial between the two women kicked off on January 10 in Georgia federal court.

In her legal filing, Cardi B claimed that Tasha K got millions of views on her videos.

She also was adamant: “None of the aforementioned statements about plaintiff are true.

Plaintiff was never a prostitute or a user of cocaine.

Plaintiff has never, and does not now, have herpes, nor has she had herpes outbreaks on her mouth.

十一月に 2021, Cardi B and her legal team said they welcomed a judge’s ruling, giving him a direct line to her STD test results from a California hospital.

The judge said in December that hereceived and reviewed the records and finds that they are not helpful to defendant (Tasha K),” による 転がる石.

Tasha K reportedly initially admitted that she knowingly published untrue claims about Cardi B.

She attempted to backtrack when examined by her legal team.

Tasha K also previously countersued Cardi B, alleging that the rapper assaulted her and accusing her of intentional infliction of emotional distress.

She claimed Cardi Bbegan to publicly trashher online, which led to threats from fans.

Those claims were dismissed over the summer.

Jurors sided with Cardi B on Monday, holding Tasha K liable for defamation, as well as invasion of privacy through portrayal in a false light and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Her attorneys may challenge the verdict in the weeks to come.

Tasha K was found liable for slander and other such offenses

Tasha K was found liable for slander and other such offensesクレジット: Instagram/Tasha K
Cardi B claimed in her testimony that she was 'extremely suicidal' amid rumors

Cardi B claimed in her testimony that she was ‘extremely suicidalamid rumorsクレジット: ゲッティ
Tasha K hasn't spoken out about the ruling

Tasha K hasn’t spoken out about the rulingクレジット: Instagram/Tasha K

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