Carol Vorderman pulls out of This Morning today as she battles illness

CAROL Vorderman was forced to pull out of Friday’s This Morning after falling ill.

The 61-year-old took to Instagram to share an update with fans and revealed she was too sick to make the TV appearance.

Carol told fans she's been struck down with a 'flu thing'

Carol told fans she’s been struck down with a ‘flu thingCrédito: Instagram
She was forced to pull out of a This Morning appearance

She was forced to pull out of a This Morning appearanceCrédito: Instagram

No clipe, antigo Contagem regressiva hospedeiro Carol disse: “Nós vamos, I’m four days into the flu thingI feel rough.

I look it, I haven’t brushed my hair for four days so excuse that.

Thank you for all your lovely messages. Sorry I won’t be on this morning, I was looking forward to it too.

Carol added: “Speak soon. You’re a lovely lot.

Friends rushed to send well-wishes, with Kelly Brook writing: “Get well soon.

Dame Kelly Holmes adicionado: “I hear you

Just came on here and and seen your post. Oh boy I’m the same! Been up all night non stop coughing. Get well soon lovely.

Carol replied to Kelly, ditado: “I think we’re in sync on this. Knackered but my brain has gone into laughing mode.

It’s a bloody weird brain I’ve got!”

The maths whizz then revealed she was experimenting with vapour rub on her feet after the recommendation of a friend, adicionando: “Sitting here stinking but happy.