Los fanáticos de Celeb SAS están llorando mientras Ashley Cain llora por la difunta hija Azaylia

CELEBRITY SAS: Who Dares Wins viewers were in tears tonight as Ashley Cain broke down over the death of his baby daughter Azaylia.

In a tough episode, the remaining famous faces continued to be whittled down as Fatima Whitbread and Jennifer Ellison were both stripped of their armbands and sent home after brutal challenges in the Jordanian desert.

Ashley Cain broke down remembering his late daughter Azaylia on Celebrity SAS

Ashley Cain broke down remembering his late daughter Azaylia on Celebrity SASCrédito: C4
Ashley recently marked their late daughter's second birthday

Ashley recently marked their late daughter’s second birthdayCrédito: Instagram

One of which, a game of murderball, Sierra Ashley struggle to keep his emotions in check.

Después, the directing staff brought him in for interrogation and he opened up about losing his eight-month-old daughter to leukaemia.

Fans were moved to tears with one writing on Twitter: “Wow what a heart wrencher that was, poor bloke feel so sorry for Ashley Cain.”

Otro dijo: “My heart breaks for Ashley His baby girl would be so proud of her daddy!”

Un tercero publicado: “I just wanna give Ashley Cain a big hug. How on earth anyone can go through what he and his family has is beyond me.

Last month Ashley and ex-girlfriend Safiyya Vorajee paid an emotional tribute to Azaylia on her second birthday.

As well as numerous birthday tributes, Safiyya shared a video of her daughter’s grave which has been decorated with photos.

Other tributes included flowers, cards and banners.

Safiyya also wore a pink dress in honour of her little girl as she marked the occasion with loved ones.

mientras tanto, Ashley posted a throwback snap of himself and Azalyia.

Happy Heavenly 2nd Birthday Azalyia,” la estrella de la realidad escribió. “I Love You. I Long For You

Ashley went on: “My angel, my life, my entire, you’re the one that I want, the one that I need, please be with me always, my love, my everything.

Ashley and ex Safiyya Vorajee with Azaylia

Ashley and ex Safiyya Vorajee with AzayliaCrédito: instagram