CHEAP iPhone 11 deal with 100GB data for just £29.99 a month

THE iPhone 11 may be a few years older now but it is still one of the most popular models of Apple’s flagship phone.

ID are offering a huge 100GB of data for only £29.99 per month and no upfront costs on this great phone.

苹果手机 11 was launched in September 2019

苹果手机 11 was launched in September 2019信用: 苹果


  • 苹果手机 11, 100GB data, £29.99 per month, £0 upfrontbuy from iD

If you’ve been browsing our best iPhone deals, this one on the 苹果手机 11 is one not to be ignored.

This deal from mobile provider iD gives you a whopping 100GB of data to usethat’s hours upon hours of streaming time for your favourite shows.

Considering this is just £29.99 per month, there is also no upfront cost.

This two year deal is not just for the SIM thoughyou also get the handset in the colour of your choicefrom black to purple to yellow.

ID is offering this massive 100GB of data for £29.99 per month right now direct from their site.

Since it’s launch in 2019, the iPhone 11 has remained one of Apple’s most popular phones for it’s reasonable price.

While the iPhone 11 is an older model, it is still has a powerful processor and a great double camera.

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