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FINDING your signature scent is a tale as old as time, with many claiming that a man is immediately more attractive when smelling good, and fresh. As Tom Ford once said: “Good manners and good cologne is what transfers a man into a gentleman.

Providing you with a scent that everyone will come to know you by, the best men’s aftershave becomes your go-to staple, whether you’re off to work, or suiting up for date night.

In the late 18th century, men started to groom themselves instead of visiting the barber for a shave, which is where men’s perfume began to make a splash, aiming to soothe post-shave skin, and obviously make it smell great.

Fast-forward to today and the world of men’s fragrances has many layers, from aftershave to eau de toilette and perfume, but they all tend to fall under ‘aftershave’.

Masculine fragrances usually feature hints of wood, spice and leather; the right scent can boost and accentuate your natural scent which can make you smell alluring to other people.

To help you establish your own personal aroma, we’ve rounded up the most popular, best aftershave for men.

Intense by Issey Miyake Eau De Toilette For Men

  • Intense by Issey Miyake Eau De Toilette For Men, 125مل, £29.95 from Amazonاشتري هنا

Want to smell good on a budget? Issey Miyake’s Intense is less than £30 on Amazon, and it’s a trusty day-in-day-out option.

This literally does what it says on the tin as an intensely masculine smell, described by Issey Miyake as: “An emotional earthquake that leaves a powerful, lasting and potent signature on the skin.

If you’re looking to buy online without knowing a smell, then it’s always a good plan to buy cheaper, جدا. But we have a feeling that you’ll like this one

1 Million by Paco Rabanne Eau De Toilette for Men

  • 1 Million by Paco Rabanne Eau De Toilette for Men, 100مل, £58.99 from Amazonاشتري هنا

Amazon are here to save when it comes to 1 Million by Paco Rabanne, as they’re selling 100ml for less than £60.

One of Paco Rabanne’s best-selling fragrances since 2008, this strong scent is a combination of sultry blood orange, warm spice and leather.

زائد, 1 Million comes in a cool golden bottle, making it a great present for your very own one in a million. Get it? آسف.

Creed Green Irish Tweed Eau de Parfum

  • Creed Green Irish Tweed Eau de Parfum, 100مل, £245 from Libertyاشتري هنا

Creed is the elite of men’s colognes, with the Green Irish Tweed perfume famously worn by tons of stars, including Kodak Black, جورج كلوني, Clint Eastwood, and Prince Charles.

Before you run for cover from the £245 price tag, appreciate the hints of lemon, Indian verbena, sandalwood and violet leaves, forming a sultry woody scent that lingers long after application.

We don’t need to persuade you, رغم ذلك, because you’ve probably already heard about this as it’s Creed’s best-selling fragrance.

Dior Sauvage Parfum

Probably the most popular men’s cologne around, Dior Sauvage is a strong contender for becoming a signature scent that you’ll stick with forever.

Looking for a gift idea? This is a reliable go-to as it’s inoffensive, smells amazing and isn’t musty like other powerful woody fragrances, so everyone seems to enjoy it.

There’s a reason it’s known as one of the UK’s best-selling fragranceand it’s not just because a famous face is its cover model.

Versace Blue Jeans Eau de Toilette

Another bargain best-smelling aftershave is Versace Blue Jeans, and it’s on sale for half price just £16 at Boots.

This scent is floral and infused with nutmeg, sandalwood and amber, creating an instantly-recognisable, masculine fragrance.

Among the flood of Versace Blue Jeansloyal customers, one writes: “I’m just about to make my 3rd purchase of Versace blue Jeans for my husbandI love it and more importantly he loves it!! He sprays it in the morning & I can still get the scent on his shirt when he comes home in the evening.

Hugo Boss BOSS Bottled After Shave

  • Hugo Boss BOSS Bottled After Shave, 100مل, £40.75 from Lookfantasticاشتري هنا

Hugo BossBOSS is the perfect combination of fruity notes, spice and woody musk.

At just over £40, this is a more affordable after shave that’s no less long-lasting, with heartthrobs Ryan Reynolds, Gerard Butler and Chris Hemsworth all having fronted its campaigns.

Simply apply it to clean skin after a shave and let it work wonders, giving you a freshly shaven smell all day.

Mont Blanc Montblanc Explorer Eau de Parfum

  • Mont Blanc Montblanc Explorer Eau de Parfum, 60مل – 200مل, from £52 at House of Fraserاشتري هنا

Sometimes men can be really difficult to buy for, which is where affordable aftershaves like this like baby from Mont Blanc come in handy.

From 60ml for £52 to £106 for 200ml, Mont Blanc’s Explorer is a woody aromatic leather scent that’s affordable, but still boasts an edge of luxury.

Looking for a Father’s Day gift, or Christmas present for the best-smelling men in your life that seem to have just about everything? This is your best shot.

Chanel Bleu de Chanel

Chanel’s famously sexy Bleu de Chanel fragrance hardly needs any introduction.

Smoothly blending hints of sandalwood, jasmine, woody, spicy and pepper scents, this cologne is one for our gentlemen who take their dates from day through to night.

It’s one of those powerful aromas that you always seem to remember once you’ve smelt it, so we recommend it if you’re on the search for sultry signature go-to.

Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Parfum

  • Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Parfum, 100مل, £123 from Selfridgesاشتري هنا

A best-seller in the male beauty scene, Tom Ford’s Black Orchid Eau de Parfum is a strong, recognisable scent.

Packaged in a 1920s-inspired bottle, the hints of bergamot, black orchid, black plum, black truffle and patchouli make for a deep, lingering aroma.

Reviews say you only need a small amount for it to last all day long. Dreamy.

Paco Rabanne Invictus For Men Eau de Toilette

  • Paco Rabanne Invictus For Men Eau de Toilette, 50مل, £51 from Bootsاشتري هنا

كان معه مطرقة في يده وسكين في أخرى. “scent of heroes”, Invictus For Men is fittingly housed in a trophy glass bottle.

Mixing marine and grapefruit with gaïac (that’s woody sap to me and you), patchouli and ambergris, this sexy, sultry and wooden-musk perfume should have your confidence booming.

It’s a daily go-to scent that has proven popular since launching back in 2013.

Diesel Only The Brave

  • Diesel Only The Brave, 200مل, £46.99 from The Perfume Shopاشتري هنا

Released all the way back in 2009, Diesel’s Only The Brave fragrance has been going strong since.

If you’re intro citrus and spice then you’ll love this.

Some men prefer sticking to lighter tones rather than deep woody scents, does that make them brave? Diesel thinks soand for 200ml for less than £50 at The Perfume Shop, it’s worth a shot.

Giorgio Armani Black Code For Men Eau de Toilette

  • Giorgio Armani Black Code For Men Eau de Toilette, 50مل – 125مل, from £51.99 at John Lewisاشتري هنا

Heartthrob Ryan Reynolds is the face of this best-selling Giorgio Armani fragrance for men, so it’s naturally top tier in the aftershave world.

Combining different citrus and woody hints, it’s an elegantly sophisticated scent that so many men wear day-in-day-out.

The sleek bottle also makes it a great gift idea for birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries, جدا.

What is aftershave?

Aftershave originally referred to the scented ointment men would pat on after shaving to soothe their skin, but today, it basically covers any male perfume.

If we’re going to get technical, cologne or eau de toilette is specifically for smelling good, whereas when a product is labelled as aftershave, it is usually formulated to reduce any post-shave irritation.

Does aftershave go off?

Unexpectedly, aftershave can actually expire. You can tell if the colour changes, it smells slightly different or some perfumes actually note an expiry date.

Don’t worry though, it is usually up to about 10 years and when an aftershave’s good, your bottle definitely won’t be lasting that long.

Why is Creed aftershave so expensive?

Luxury aftershave label Creed still incorporates luxury methods when it comes to producing perfume.

Instead of having a mechanical process, they stick to the old fashioned way and incorporate high-quality natural ingredients.

The fact that the royal family and just about every celebrity loves Creed has definitely helped their premium reputation too.

How long does aftershave last?

You know you’ve found a great aftershave when it stays on for over six hours.

We love wearing a jacket days after spraying some Eau de Toilette to find it still smells delicious.

How to apply aftershave?

People tend to put aftershave on their pulse points, from their wrists to their neck.

Around three sprays is best – you don’t want to suffocate everyone you encounter and you can always apply more to freshen up later.

What’s the difference between aftershave and eau de toilette?

As we mentioned earlier, aftershave is traditionally the post-shaving ointment that looks after your vulnerable post-shaven skin whilst making it smell lovely in the process.

Eau de Toilette is specifically made for a longer-lasting aroma, so you should shop according to what you’re trying to achieve.

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