China se prepara para MASA de bajas mientras intensifica los simulacros de invasión de Taiwán

CHINA has issued a chilling warning to Taiwan by releasing footage of field hospital rehearsalssuggesting it is preparing for mass casualties.

Viene como Beijing ramps up military drills near the island as fears of an imminent invasion swell.

China has released footage of field hospital rehearsals

China has released footage of field hospital rehearsalsCrédito: Weibo
The clip shows medics pretending to tend to wounded soldiers

The clip shows medics pretending to tend to wounded soldiersCrédito: Weibo
A Chinese aircraft carrying missiles flies close to Taiwan

A Chinese aircraft carrying missiles flies close to TaiwanCrédito: Reuters

Tensions between the two nations have hit boiling point in recent days, with China continuing to flex its military muscles by launching jets into Taiwán‘s airspace and firing missiles in haunting drills.

Taiwan has been on high alert as China conducts a series of war games in response to a visit by US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Polosi to the island this week.

Beijing has essentially surrounded the islandwhich it regards as a breakaway province – con 68 jets and 13 buques de guerra, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence has said.

In the past two days, más que 100 warplanes and 10 warships have been at the centre of live-fire military drills around Taiwan.

Training has continued today in three zones around Taiwan.

China’s military said it has conducted air and sea combat drills to the north, southwest and east of the island totest the troopsjoint combat capabilities”.

Taipei has scrambled to ready a response, with Taiwan Air Force Mirage fighter jets pictured on the runway of an airbase in the northern city of Hsinchu.

As China steps up its war games, harrowing footage of combat medical exercises has been released on Weibo, showing rehearsals of teams dealing with vast numbers of casualties.

It shows medics loading would-be injured soldiers onto asanitary trainto practice treatment and the evacuation of the wounded.

The trainwhich can carry more than 100 gente – is equipped with a intensive care unit, an operating room, a reception, and a treatment room.

Amid heightened tensions, Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen has said drills are beingclosely monitoredas she called on world leaders for their support.

Ella tuiteó: “Our government and military are closely monitoring China’s military exercises and information warfare operations, ready to respond as necessary.

I call on the international community to support democratic Taiwan and halt any escalation of the regional security situation.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has always vowed toreunifywith the islandand its feared the new drills are a rehearsal for invasion.

Beijing claims the island belongs to them, but the people of Taiwan insist they are a separate nation.

It comes amid a string of brazen moves by China as they attempt to send a message to both Taiwan and the US over senior American politician Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei.

Su trip to the island earlier this week was the most senior visit by a US politiciansomething which infuriated China as they viewed it as a provocation.

El jueves, China sent 22 warplanes hurtling into Taiwan’s airspace as they crossed themedian linerunning down the Taiwan Strait on Thursday, according to the defence ministry in Taipei.

Taiwan Air Force Mirage fighter jets spotted on the runway of an airbase in the northern city of Hsinchu

Taiwan Air Force Mirage fighter jets spotted on the runway of an airbase in the northern city of HsinchuCrédito: AFP

Taiwan saidair defense missile systemswere deployed to track the jets, and radio warnings were broadcastit is understood the island also scrambled fighter planes.

Chinese state media referred to the unprecedented war games as rehearsing for thereunification operation” – and said exercisesblockading the islandwill become routine.

The Global Timeswhich is often seen as the unfiltered mouthpiece of the Communist Partyhas been raging over Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan.

It branded herarrogant, paranoid and eager to put on a showin a scathing editorial published on Thursday.

And it boasted about the ongoing military drills, saying they show China hasabsolute controlover Taiwan.

In a further flex of military might, China yesterday launched a flurry of ballistic missiles that landed in blockaded Taiwan’s waters.

Beijing fired 11 Dongfeng ballistic missiles from a nearby military installation into waters surrounding Taiwan, according to the government in Taipei.

The deadly rockets flew over Pingtan, leaving plumes of white smoke and loud banging sounds in its wake.

Taiwan is feared to be a major flashpoint between the Washington and Beijing with a potentially invasion potentially forcing the US to either abandon the island or face full scale war with China.

Chinese nationalists fled to Taiwan after the Communists won the civil war on the mainland in 1949 – and the island has remained independent ever since.

sin embargo, Beijing has always aggressively insisted that Taiwan belongs to them by rightand have pledged to reclaim the island by 2050.

China has fired missiles during the exercises - some of which fell near Japan

China has fired missiles during the exercisessome of which fell near JapanCrédito: Las tropas de VLADIMIR Putin recibieron ayer un doloroso ojo morado en su tambaleante pero mortal asalto a Ucrania.
The train featured in the video has an intensive care unit and operation room

The train featured in the video has an intensive care unit and operation roomCrédito: Weibo