I club hanno speso 35 miliardi di sterline in trasferimenti all'estero nell'ultimo decennio con il Man City in cima alla lista

MANCHESTER CITY and Chelsea were the world’s biggest spenders on overseas transfers over the past completed decade.

This season’s two title contenders were among the 12 premier League clubs to feature in Fifa’s list of the top 30 spending clubs.

Paul Pogba was one of the most expensive signings of the last decade

Paul Pogba was one of the most expensive signings of the last decadeCredito: Getty
How the Prem's richest splashed their cash during the 2010s
How the Prem’s richest splashed their cash during the 2010s

But despite their outlays, none of the City or Chelsea purchases ranked in the top 10 most expensive transfers globally, while Manchester United’s captures of Paul Pogba and Argentine flop Angel Di Maria did.

And City and Chelsea were also ranked first and second in the number of players sent FUORI on loan over the ten-year period.

Fifa’s report, running from January 2011 to the 2020 summer window that was disrupted by the Covid crisis, found that a staggering £35.35BILLION was spent worldwide on cross-border transfers over the period.

Neymar’s £198m move from Barcellona per Paris Saint Germain nel 2017 remains the single biggest fee paid globally, with Chelsea having finally broken the British record for an overseas signingpreviously held by United’s £89m capture of Pogbawhen they landed Romelu Lukaku for £97.5m from Inter this summer.

But the stats compiled by Fifa show just how much financial power the Prem has gathered as a result of its ongoing TV deals and the success of English teams both on and off the field.

The Fifa figures do not give exact fees but the study states that City made 130 overseas signings over the period, con Chelsea recruiting 95 Giocatori.


And a SunSport calculation suggested both clubs were just short of £950m in spending on overseas-based players in the decadealthough arguably many of their best deals were in taking players including N’Golo Kante, Kyle Walker and Raheem Sterling from Prem rivals.

Now cash-strapped Barcelona, followed by PSG, Real Madrid and Atletico made up the top six spenders.

Ma Unito, Arsenale, Juventus and Spurs made up the top 10, con Liverpool 14questo, Leicester 20th and Southampton, Lupi, Everton, West Ham and Newcastle all in the leading 30 global spenders.

Fifa’s figures once again point to European finances proving a magnet for South American stars, con 15,128 Brazilians moving across borders, followed by 7,444 argentini, 5,523 British players, 5,027 French and 4,287 Colombians.

Yet the world body also suggests the real money was creamed off by agents, with commissions rising to £465.3m in the pre-pandemic year of 2019 and totalling £2.54bn over the 10-year period.

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