Comcast outage after the company’s fibers severed by BULLETS

A COMCAST outage has been reported in Oakland, affecting 25,000 customers ahead of the San Francisco 49ers National Football Conference championship game appearance.

The company’s fibers have reportedly been severed by bullets, 根据 旧金山纪事报.

A Comcast outage is affecting thousands of customers in Oakland

A Comcast outage is affecting thousands of customers in Oakland

The outage reportedly began around 5am local time.

Bullets reportedly cut through fibers in multiple locations, according to Comcast spokesperson Joan Hammel.

Fibers near 69th Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard were among the affected locations, Hammel said.

As of 2:30本地时间pm, as many as 20,000 customers were still without service.


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Kickoff for the NFC championship game, featuring the 49ers against the Los Angeles Rams, was scheduled for shortly after 3:40本地时间pm.

This game determines which team will face the Cincinnati Bengals in the Super Bowl on February 13.

Many angry Comcast customers have taken to Twitter with reports of the outage.

Of course Comcast has an outage on game day,” 发推文 @nikethegawdess.

@comcast are you kidding me? Service outage in all of Oakland 1/2 hr before the 49ers play? Hope you get it back up and running REAL QUICK!,” 发推文 @gigimarieisme.

Some have indicated that they’re already been without service for hours.

Others are reporting that their service might not be reinstated for hours yet.

“We could not be more apologetic and sincerely upset that this is happening on a day like today,” Hammel told the Chronicle Sunday afternoon.

“We’re working as fast as we can to make all the repairs and get folks’ services back up and running.”