Consequences of Covid lockdown may have left kids more exposed to Strep A

Deadly knock-on effects of lockdown

THE devastating consequences of lockdown become more evident every day.

It now appears the 冠状病毒 clampdown may have left children more exposed to other illnesses, including the deadly Strep A.

If it takes extra jabs to immunise children to Strep A then the Government must support GPs and schools

If it takes extra jabs to immunise children to Strep A then the Government must support GPs and schools信用: 盖蒂

Heartbreakingly, six youngsters have already died from severe infections.

Others are fighting for their lives in hospital beds when they should be dreaming of 圣诞节.

Kids normally build up resistance to bugs by picking up coughs and sneezes from classmates.

But Covid restrictions meant many lost the chance because they were kept out of school for months.

Others may have missed out on their routine school jabs.

Alarmingly, Strep A infections are nearly five times higher now than before the 大流行病.

Parents will understandably be feeling terrified and bewildered by this new health scare.

The advice from doctors is not to panic.

But mums and dads must watch like a hawk for the symptoms.

telltale signs are published in our news and health pages today.

同时, the Government must do everything in its power to nip this outbreak in the bud.

If more jabs are needed, they must be provided to GPs or schools without delay.

There can be no excuses.

The health of our children is paramount.

The joy of giving

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Your patriotic duty

THERE is one simple routine for the nation to follow tonight.

1) Settle down in front of the TV at 7pm with your favourite drink.

2) Forget the cold weather, Christmas shopping, strikes and the cost of living crisis.

3) Clear your throat.

4) Roar Gareth’s boys to victory.

Come on England!