Cop filmed striking man in face as he lays restrained on floor of bus

A POLICEMAN punched a man’s head while he was restrained on a bus floor, shocking video shows.

The cop pushed him to the ground as the man screamed in agony: “You’re hurting my hand. You’re breaking my hand.

A policeman punched a man's head on a bus

A policeman punched a man’s head on a bus信用: Facebook
Footage shows the man being restrained on the floor before being punched

Footage shows the man being restrained on the floor before being punched信用: Facebook

The officer warnedstop pinching mebefore the man continued screamingyou’re hurting my hand, you’re hurting my f*cking hand”.

The policeman then punched him at the top of his head and repeated: “Stop pinching me.

After a brief silence, the man replied: “You just punched me as well yeah?”

And the Sussex 警察 officer replied: “是的, for pinching me.


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两个孩子的妈妈被 XL 欺负狗咬死了,它“发疯并折断”

The Stagecoach bus was parked next to the Arlington Arms pub in Eastbourne, 刑事案件审查委员会正在审查此案, for last night’s incident.

It is understood he went into the pub and told staff it waskicking off on the bus”.

The incident was highlighted to the force afterwards by the officer himself.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “We train our officers to protect themselves and others using reasonable force and are reviewing this footage, together with body worn video captured by the officer of the entire interaction, to identify if any further investigation is required.