Coronation Street fans call out massive blunder over Stephen Reid murdering Leo

CORONATION Street fans have pointed out a major blunder after Stephen Reid murdered Leo.

商人 – who is played by actor Todd Boyce in the ITV soapmurdered structural engineer Leo in cold blood after he discovered his financial problems.

Leo and Stephen's feud came to a head on Monday night

Leo and Stephen’s feud came to a head on Monday night
Stephen Reid's motives were on the verge of being exposed by Leo

Stephen Reid’s motives were on the verge of being exposed by Leo信用: 电视台

In tonight’s episode Jenny was determined to speak to Leobut couldn’t find him.

And when she fled back to the Rovers, it looked like he’d run away while viewers know Stephen stole Leo’s passport and bags to make it look that way.

Jenny and Daisy ran to the airport determined to stop Leo from leaving.

But when they returned from the airport it was bad news.

“The next time I’m inclined to go and flag down a bloke at Manchester Airport, remind me to wear flats.”

Daisy filled the others in: “We got to the airport but we were only allowed as far as the check-in desks.

“He had the tickets, he had the confirmation email… Leo did the booking. So we waited.

“Jenny was hoping to catch a glimpse of him as he was heading to security but the airport staff wouldn’t tell us if he’d checked in.”

Rita pointed out that Leo didn’t seem the type to just disappear and the others agreed.

In the back room, Jenny was devastated and blamed herself.

“It’s my fault, it’s karma,“ 她说.

“I didn’t take it seriously at first. Maybe if I’d just gone with my feelings from day one he wouldn’t have done this to me.”

Daisy did her best to cheer Jenny up, insisting Leo wasn’t worth her tears.

But fans aren’t convinced and pointed out Jenny made a huge mistake not calling the police and reporting Leo missing.

一个写道: “Why on earth has Jenny not called the police? Leo is missing you idiot!”

一秒说: “珍妮, seriously, how can you be so stupid?”

另一个添加: “I really hope that Leo is still alive. Jenny needs to toughen up and tell the police what’s going on!”

Some Corrie fans are hoping Leo is still alive

Some Corrie fans are hoping Leo is still alive信用: 电视台


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