Coronation Street legend makes appearance leaving Daniel rocked

DANIEL Osbourne has been romantically involved with Daisy Midgeley for several months.

But he’s rattled when one of his former flames is brought back to him on 加冕街.

Daniel Osbourne has taken a backseat from all the drama

Daniel Osbourne has taken a backseat from all the drama信用: 电视台
But there's trouble ahead

But there’s trouble ahead信用: 电视台
The character is rattled by the mention of one of his former flames next week

The character is rattled by the mention of one of his former flames next week信用: 电视台

The Weatherfield High teacher portrayed by Rob Mallard has been enjoying quieter days in the cobbles.

This is despite him and his partner Daisy (由...演奏 Charlotte Jordan) ending up homeless after a huge misunderstanding.

然而, in upcoming scenes of the 电视台 soap, Daniel is thrown when he sees a magazine articlewritten by none other than Bethany Platt.

Inspired, Daniel decides it’s time for him to start writing againwhile Daisy is unnerved by the mere mention of his ex.

Bethany Platt (前任的 Corrie star Lucy Fallon) left the cobbles 三月, 2020, after an ill-fated relationship with Daniel.

当时, the hunk was still processing the death of his wife Sinead, WHO succumbed to cervical cancer.

Bethany left Coronation Street to work for a magazine in London as a trainee editor.

Daniel has since turned a new leafbut there’s turmoil ahead for him and Daisy.

The Rovers barmaid tells Jenny Connor she’s found a lump in her breast, hinting at a potential cancer battle.

Jenny recommends her to tell a shaken Daniel who insists he’ll accompany her to the doctors.

But the pressure becomes too much to handle for him.

Masking his anxiety, he vows to meet Daisy at the medical centrebefore piling on the drinks at the Rovers.

Jenny is horrified to see him knocking booze back instead of supporting Daisy.



When he announces she may have cancer, he staggers out and Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) quickly intervenes.

The cabbie (and former alcoholic) tries to talk some sense into Daniel, telling him that alcohol isn’t the answer.

He then reminds him Daisy needs him and encourages him to leave the pub to support her.

同时, Daisy attends her appointment alone but is interrupted by a drunk Daniel who throws open the door.

Daisy’s health ordeal will most probably bring back painful memories for Daniel as he saw his late wife Sinead battle cancer.

But can he step up to help Daisy?

Tune in to 电视台 to find out.

Daniel becomes overwhelmed next week

Daniel becomes overwhelmed next week信用: 电视台
Daisy could face a harrowing cancer battle

Daisy could face a harrowing cancer battle信用: 电视台