Spoilers de Coronation Street: Hope Stape se pone en contacto con el padre asesino en serie John

HOPE Stape’s obsessions with her serial killer father is set to reach fever pitch.

The troubled schoolgirl will attempt to make contact with her dead father in new scenes on the ITV show.

Hope won't give up on her father

Hope won’t give up on her fatherCrédito: ITV
The trio are horrified by what happens during the séance

The trio are horrified by what happens during the séanceCrédito: ITV

Hope will return to school following her suspension the week prior but her parents Fiz and Tyrone are left squirming when the counsellor awkwardly presses them about the realities of their home life.

After the journalist who wrote the book on John Stape, hands over his bag of research to Fiz and Tyrone so that it never got into the wrong hands, Fiz and Tyrone agree to keep it sealed forever.

Fiz asks Chesney to store the bag at his house so that is is largely inaccessible to wayward Hope and so Gemma stuffs the bag in a cupboard at their home.

Mas tarde, Hope reveals she is not done in her quest to know everything about her father.

In a shock move she suggests to Sam and Joseph that they should attempt to contact John through holding a séance.

At the séance, everything gets underway until Joseph reaches into the cupboard to get some biscuits and the bag containing all the facts about John stumbles out leaving the three totally freaked as they see numerous photos of John whilst trying to make contact with him.

Mas tarde, Hope is left unfazed by the new laptop that Fiz and Tyrone buy her for her birthday and instead chooses to focus all her attention on an old cassette player.

After receiving one during a game of pass the parcel, Hope cannot wait to get home to use it.

She finds an old tape recording of John and plays it using the casette.

Just how far will Hope go in her obsession over her murdering father.

Hope's obsession to be like her father continues

Hope’s obsession to be like her father continuesCrédito: ITV

Coronation Street airs on ITV subject to schedule changes owing to the 2022 Copa Mundial.