Spoilers da Coronation Street: Stephen Reid sinks to new low with victim Elaine

DESPERATE to get his hands on cash, Stephen Reid stops at nothing to keep his scheming under wraps.

The businessman played by Todd Boyce tugs at Elaine Metcalfe’s heartstrings to manipulate her next week in Rua da Coroação.

Stephen Reid is able to manipulate Elaine Metcalfe next week

Stephen Reid is able to manipulate Elaine Metcalfe next weekCrédito: ITV
She remains under his spell

She remains under his spellCrédito: ITV
Stephen recently had an accident during a shift as a delivery driver - right in front of Elaine

Stephen recently had an accident during a shift as a delivery driverright in front of ElaineCrédito: ITV

When he first came back to the cobbles, Stephen Reid caught Elaine’s eye and she was hoping to get to know him more.

Contudo, the character played by Paula Wilcox was overshadowed by Yasmeen Nazir, Jenny Connorand Stephen’s unlawful scheming which led him to commit murder.

Knowing Elaine and Stephen have never been truly close, the former’s son Tim (Retratado por Joe Duttine) is intrigued to see them together in the café.

Tim is feeling protective over his mother, particularly due to her past with abusive Geoff Metcalfe.

But Elaine assures him that Stephen is nothing like Geoff, unaware he could actually be worse.

She firmly believes that Stephen is as honest as the day is long while he retrieves his phone.

Yet he can’t escape Tim’s questioning who is adamant on finding out what his intentions with Elaine are.

The Weatherfield cabbie reminds Stephen of the terrible time his mother had with the late Geoff and underlines how he used to control her.

Em cenas posteriores, the failing businessman shows his true nature when he plays a cruel trick on Elaine.

Stephen sends his own phone an abusive text message, making it look like it came from his estranged wife Gabrielle.

Elaine suggests Gabrielle is gaslighting him and Stephen makes out it’s only what he deserves.

Unaware she is an actual gaslighting target, Elaine tells him that she was also in an abusive relationship and wants to help him.

Stephen recently had to take a job as fast food delivery driver after a failed job interview.


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He was shocked to find Elaine during one of his shifts and tried his best to avoid her finding out about his secret job.

Infelizmente, this led to him getting injured as he lost control of his moped.

Elaine won’t be the only resident he’ll be lying to.

When his sister Gail and mother Audrey question him about his arm injury, Stephen makes out he had one too many and fell before crashing at a friend’s for the evening.

But Gail is on to him after googling Six Fellasthe fast food delivery company Stephen has been working for.

She confronts Stephen about the call from his boss.

Will his lies be enough to keep his family at bay?

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Stephen's family begin to question him

Stephen’s family begin to question himCrédito: ITV
How will he keep them at bay?

How will he keep them at bay?Crédito: ITV