Coronation Street spoilers: Stu discovers the truth about Charlie’s murderer

STU Carpenter has been carrying the weight of Charlie Walters’ murder unfairly for a number of years.

However, the truth finally comes to light next week in Coronation Street.

Stu Carpenter has been trying to form a relationship with his daughter Bridget

Stu Carpenter has been trying to form a relationship with his daughter BridgetCredit: ITV
But she has a shocking revelation for him

But she has a shocking revelation for himCredit: ITV
Could the truth about Charlie's death finally come to light?

Could the truth about Charlie’s death finally come to light?Credit: ITV

The homeless man turned chef portrayed by Bill Fellows is slowly bonding with his daughter Bridget and granddaughter Eliza – while Alya Nazir has been fighting his corner to prove he never murdered anybody.

Thankfully for Stu, he won’t have to wait much longer for the truth about Charlie’s death – for which he was wrongfully incarcerated after being pushed to a confession – to finally be exposed.

Coming up, Bridget meets Yasmeen Nazir (played by Shelley King) in the Rovers.

The Speed Daal owner guesses that Bridget and Eliza want to continue seeing Stu but Lucy, his former wife, is against it.

Yasmeen takes a huge initiative to help her love interest get closer to his family and later announces to Alya and Stu that Bridget and Eliza will be visiting them the following day.

There’s only one detail for them to all keep in mind – Lucy mustn’t be told about the visit.

In later scenes, Stu is thrilled to see Bridget, Eliza and Yasmeen for brunch but when the young girl asks her grandfather about life in prison, it becomes too much for Bridget who runs out to the garden.

Stu follows her to comfort her, admitting how angry he was at being in jail for something he didn’t do.

However, Bridget drops a bombshell on him and he’s shocked by what she reveals.

Meanwhile, Dee-Dee Bailey leaves Alya a voice message, explaining that the DNA results are due tomorrow.

Later on, Stu is feeling lighter for knowing the truth… but it’s a struggle for Yasmeen.


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Dee-Dee then calls into Speed Daal to inform Alya the results are in.

And there’s another shock looming for Alya.

Coronation Street fans, and eventually Alya Nazir, speculated that Lucy knew more about Charlie Walters’ death than she let on.

Alya decided to put her theory to the test by making the evidence undergo more tests.

Lucy has been opposed to Stu rekindling with their daughter Bridget – but could it really be due to her hiding a deep, dark secret?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

Alya Nazir and her family have been fighting Stu's corner

Alya Nazir and her family have been fighting Stu’s cornerCredit: ITV
Stu is adamant he's actually innocent

Stu is adamant he’s actually innocentCredit: ITV