Coronation Street Spoiler: Summer bricht zusammen, nachdem er Schocknachrichten erhalten hat

AFTER trying to cheat during her exams, Summer Spellman is trying to put the scandal behind her and enjoy some time off.

Aber die Krönungsstraße teen gets some shocking news next weekand collapses, her health being on the line.

Summer Spellman's health could be a cause for concern again next week

Summer Spellman’s health could be a cause for concern again next weekAnerkennung: ITV
Her boyfriend Aaron is at a loss

Her boyfriend Aaron is at a lossAnerkennung: ITV
The pair are supposed to set off on a trip

The pair are supposed to set off on a tripAnerkennung: ITV

The Weatherfield teen portrayed by Harriet Bibby is making the most of her time with her new boyfriend Aaron and the pair have a romantic holiday planned.

Traurig, her health may still need some looking over and could even thwart their plans altogether.

Nächste Woche, Summer gets her exam results, finding out she got an A* in French and in Maths.

jedoch, due to being disqualified after cheating, the youngster received an X for her English exam.

Später, Aaron calls to collect Summer for their holiday and the lovebirds get ready to leavebut she collapses as they are about to walk out.

Aaron is thrown into a panic, trying his best to help her.

When she regains consciousness, Summer explains to him she forgot to take her insulin.

Their holiday plan turns into a nightmare in later scenes.

Summer and Aaron head back from the tram station and explain to Todd Grimshaw they missed their flight following the mishap.

Später, in the flower shop flat, Aaron goes through Summer’s bag and is shocked by what he finds.

But she won’t be the only one having to expose a secret.

Viewers have suspected Aaron could be abused by his father after he revealed he had been beaten and bruised in the cobbles.


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Their theory will be confirmed in scenes due to air next week after Summer calls at the garage to find the lad nursing a fat lip.

When she quizzes him, Aaron is first reluctant to say anything.

But he eventually admits his injury comes from one of his father’s outbursts.

Aaron then explains his father is an alcoholic and sometimes lashes out against him.

Will he be telling Summer the truth?

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

What is Summer hiding from her boyfriend and will she come clean about it?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

Summer gets news about her exams

Summer gets news about her examsAnerkennung: ITV
But is she hiding something from Aaron?

But is she hiding something from Aaron?Anerkennung: ITV