Spoiler di Coronation Street: Summer ha ricevuto un'offerta scioccante da Mike ed Esther

DESPERATE for cash, Summer Spellman agreed to be Mike and Esther’s surrogateuntil she had a miscarriage.

Il Coronation Street teen is caught up by her lies next week but the couple respond with another shocking offer.

Summer and Aaron are cornered next week

Summer and Aaron are cornered next weekCredito: ITV
The 18-year-old was ready to be surrogate for Mike and Esther

The 18-year-old was ready to be surrogate for Mike and EstherCredito: ITV
But she sadly suffered a miscarriage

But she sadly suffered a miscarriageCredito: ITV

While she initially aimed to get an abortion, the eighteen-year-old played by Harriet Bibby eventually agreed to help Mike and Esther.

The couple were ready to pay her £10k to convince her to keep the baby and let them raise it.

But tragedy struck later on when Summer had a miscarriage, although she kept on making them think she was still pregnant.

Coming up next week on ITV, Mike and Esther both insist on dropping her at the hospital for her scan but they agree to wait for her outside.

But when Summer and her boyfriend Aaron Sandford (James Craven) play for time in the hospital, Mike suddenly appears.

He announces he should attend the scan with Summerforcing the young couple to tell him the truth about the baby.

How will Mike and Esther react to the news?

While that remains to be seen, Summer is likely to experience money issues later on as she grows desperate to raise the £10k back.

She later has an idea and calls Billy Mayhew, Todd Grimshaw and Paul Foreman together, revealing she’s planning on travelling with Aaron.

Summer then adds that they’ll need £10k to go through with their plans.

Billy, Paul and Todd see right through her and begin to question her about her plans.

Nelle scene successive, tuttavia, Mike and Esther come up with a new offer for Summer.


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They agree they’d be willing to forget about the £10k and would be ready to give them more money on the one condition Summer agreed to be a surrogate for their baby.

Summer’s predicament only gets worse when Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) is determined to stop her from going through with the plan at any cost.

When he tries to lay down the law, Mike points out the decision is Summer’s and not his.

The local vicar is more adamant than ever to stop Summer from being a surrogate for Mike and Esther and reveals he intends to get the police involved.

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What will Summer do?

Tune in to ITV to know more.

Summer was asked to move in with Mike and Esther

Summer was asked to move in with Mike and EstherCredito: ITV
They make her a shocking offer next week

They make her a shocking offer next weekCredito: ITV