Spoiler di Coronation Street: Tracy Barlow è inorridita quando sorprende Ken con Wendy

TRACY Barlow has it in for Wendy Crozier, unable to forget she’s the reason her mother’s marriage to Ken Barlow crumbled.

Il Coronation Street florist is left seething when she catches her stepfather in the company of the social worker.

Ken Barlow and Wendy Crozier try to get into a play

Ken Barlow and Wendy Crozier try to get into a playCredito: ITV
They have been seen reconnecting since Wendy's return to the cobbles

They have been seen reconnecting since Wendy’s return to the cobblesCredito: ITV

Wendy (ritratto da Roberta Kerr) made her Corrie debut in 1989 as Ken Barlow’s (William Roache) padrona.

This heated affair led to Ken’s first divorce from his then-wife Deirdre, who passed away in 2015, but not after rekindling her romance with the Weatherfield stalwart.

Nel frattempo, Tracy (Kate Ford) can only remember too well the pain Ken’s affair caused her mother, although she forgave the man who raised her as his own child.

La prossima settimana, Ken and Wendy rehearse their audition scene for a play in the cobbles but Tracy soon walks in.

A peggiorare le cose, she steps into No.1 just in time to hear Wendy delivering the linejust as I love you.

Not one to keep her thoughts to herself, as harsh as they may be, an acid-tongued Tracy rails at Wendy for canoodling with Ken.

When Wendy first reappeared in the cobbles, she had no intention of reconnecting with Ken as he told her, nel 2012, that he wanted nothing to do with her anymore, not even as friends.

But Abi Franklin got involved and encouraged her to see Ken again.

Upon their reunion, Tracy arrived and caught them togetherbefore lashing out against Wendy and making it clear she wanted Ken to stay away from her.

But as viewers know, the pair reconnected again and Ken is enjoying Wendy’s company, seven years after his wife’s passing left him lonely.

Nelle scene successive, tuttavia, and despite his eager practice, Ken gets some bad news about the play next week.


Tutto quello che devi sapere su Coronation Street

Brian, Wendy and Mary discover they all have parts in the am dram production, while he failed to make the grade.

Could there be more to Ken being pushed away from the play?

What could Tracy do to stop Ken from spending time with Wendy?

Will she do anything?

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Anything is possible in Weatherfield.

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Tracy is against Ken reconnecting with Wendy

Tracy is against Ken reconnecting with WendyCredito: ITV
She remembers their affair in 1989

She remembers their affair in 1989Credito: ITV
But will they listen?

But will they listen?Credito: ITV