Coronation Street’s Nicola Thorp fights back tears as she reveals secret suicide attempt on Sharon Osbourne’s The Talk

FORMER Coronation Street star Nicola Thorp fought back tears as she revealed her secret suicide attempt on The Talk on Wednesday’s instalment.

女演员, 33, said she tried to take her own life in 2012 and wished she had got help before it reached that point.

Nicola Thorp said she tried to take her own life in 2012

Nicola Thorp said she tried to take her own life in 2012信用: 享受桑格利亚汽酒和小吃的河船之旅, 享受桑格利亚汽酒和小吃的河船之旅
Sharon Osbourne opened up about her own past challenges

Sharon Osbourne opened up about her own past challenges信用: TALK TV / 居住

Nicola joined Sharon Osbourne on the panel to discuss greater need for therapy in the UK.

Sharon, 69, said that therapy sessions completely changed her life during low times.

I think that for everyone there comes a time in their life when something becomes too muchoverbearing, whatever it is,” the former X Factor judge explained.


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Sharon Osbourne fans devastated as she misses TalkTV show to be with ill Ozzy

A relationship, a health problem, just living in the world is hard enough and I think there should be more therapists in this country, especially for kids.

Sharon said she was put on aketamine treatmentduring three sessions a week with a therapist.

She explained thetruth drugmade her feel comfortable to talk openly.

The TV favourite went on: “I’ve always had a terrible depression problemI’ve had a problem mentally probably since I was a child.


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Sharon then told viewers she had tried to take her own life many times in the past.

Her honest experience prompted Nicola to open up about her own past challenges.

Nicola said: “Thank you for what you’ve said, Sharon. I’ve felt quite emotional listening to it because I made an attempt on my own life in 2012 and it was therapy that saved me.

And I wish that I hadn’t waited to the point of attempting suicide to do it, but I think it was part of this ‘put on a brave face, the show must go on, don’t talk about what’s going on’ that led me to that point. I’ve seen a therapist since, they were amazing.

About a year ago I had to stop because I couldn’t afford it anymore and I didn’t want to start on a cheaper therapist.

But I’m sure there will come a point that I’m ready to go through it all again.

The soap star was best known for playing Nicola Rubinstein in 加冕街 在 2017.

She then left in June 2018 at the conclusion of her storyline.

She previously played Clara Oswold’s mum, Ellie, 在 Doctor Who 在 2013.

In the years prior to getting her Corrie role, she also starred in Doctors, Father Brown and The Guilty.

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