Corrie fans fear the worst for Max Turner as extremist gang leader declares war

CORONATION Street fans worry Max Turner is in danger as far-right extremist gang continue to groom him and declare arace war.

In Friday’s episode of the Sabonete ITV, Max helped Griff Reynolds edit a video of him showcasing his injured bloody face and blame it on a gang of muslims.

Max edits Griff's video about getting attacked

Max edits Griff’s video about getting attackedCrédito: ITV
Griff praises Max's editing skills

Griff praises Max’s editing skillsCrédito: ITV

At the end of the video, Mac wrote: Take action now make our country safe again.

Griff praised Max and encouraged him to upload it before someone else gets attacked.

The viral video caused Aadi to get abuse on public transport.

A guilty Alya admitted she was the one who attacked him by elbowing him in the face and apologises.

She also tried to warn Max about Griff.

Alya told Max she was the one who injured Griff not a gangbut Max didn’t believe her and accused her of being racist.

She told him Griff is dangerous and not his friend and trying to manipulate him.

Will Max listen?

enquanto isso, Griff told Spider that Max did a great job today and willprove very useful to us in the next few weeks.

Sounds like you got something in mind,” Spider said.

Griff answered: “I do as it happens. We can’t let the momentum of that video go to waste. We need to step things up a notch.

Griff dismisses Spider’s suggestion for another protest saying theyonly get you so far.

What then?” Spider asked.

Griff replied: “Something big. There’s a race war coming. We need to get ready.

Fans worry things take a sinister turn for the troubled teen.

Levando para o Twitter, um disse: “Max is groomed to the Max.

Outro escreveu: “Max was vile enough before. He’s a million times more unbearable and annoying now and gets worse with every episode.

A third penned: “Grif is using one of his minions to spread his hateful lie’s. Max is falling & when he lands it’ll be Rock bottom.

Coming up, Spider is uneasy when Griff invites the Max on a camping trip.

He later does some digging on the identity of Griff’s financial backer and his benefactor is soon revealedwho could it be?

Max heads off with Griff on their camping trip but his father David Platt isn’t happy about it.

The latter may have been right in protesting, unhappy with the company the lad has been keeping.

Max is horrified when the camping trip doesn’t end the way he expected.

Griff manages to convince Max to lie to the authorities about the events of the camping trip.

Could it backfire on him? Will he ever see sense?

Griff has big plans for Max

Griff has big plans for MaxCrédito: ITV
Spider questions Griff's next move

Spider questions Griff’s next moveCrédito: ITV