Corrie fans in hysterics as Jenny meets toyboy Leo’s dad but already knows him

CORONATION Street fans are in hysterics after Jenny Connor met toyboy Leo’s dad and discovered they know each other.

The Rovers Return landladywho is played by actress Sally Ann Matthews in the ITV soapdecided to break up with Leo after Carla’s harsh words.

Tonight's situation was slighty awkwaed

Tonight’s situation was slighty awkwaed

But before she had the chance she got the news that Leo had been knocked unconscious during his rugby game and taken to hospital.

Rushing to the hospital Jenny sat in the waiting room waiting to hear newsand she ran into an old school pal.

As they reminisced he couldn’t get over the fact they’d run into each otherand admitted that he had always had a crush on her.

“I always had my eye on someone else,” he said smiling at Jenny.

“You can’t say you never guessed? I was shy but the point is I’ve always wondered what if we had gone out properly.

“I know this is a bit foreword but you don’t fancy meeting up for a drink some time?

“I let you get away once and I am not about to do it again.”


Corrie fans believe Jenny's boyfriend Leo is a VILLAIN in dark twist


Corrie fans believe Jenny’s boyfriend Leo is a VILLAIN in dark twist

But before Jenny could let him down, Leo appeared no longer unconscious and when they both got up to greet himJenny realised something was amiss.

And when Leo introduced his dadJenny was horrified.

However viewers were in absolute hysterics.

一个写道: “So the fact she’s the same age as leo’s dad hasn’t put Sally off then

一秒说: “Tell me Teddy is going to be Leo’s dad!!.. #awkward#corrie@itvcorrie

另一个添加: “omg that was Leo dad who jenny knew #corrie@itvcorrie

Sally knew Teddy, Leo's dad from years ago

Sally knew Teddy, Leo’s dad from years ago

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