Los fanáticos de Corrie se tambalean cuando Alya va a espaldas de Stu y comete una traición brutal

ALYA NAZIR makes the shocking decision to lie to her family and Stu Carpenter about Stu’s appeal.

The former homeless man accepted defeat after failing to prove his innocence for a murder he didn’t commit.

Bridget agrees to see Stu if he drops the appeal

Bridget agrees to see Stu if he drops the appealCrédito: ITV
Alya is suspicious of Stu's family

Alya is suspicious of Stu’s familyCrédito: ITV

But Alya is determined to prove Stu’s innocenceeven if it means going behind his back.

Stu ordered Alya to inform solicitor Dee-Dee that he wants to call off the appeal.

sin embargo, when she meets her, Dee-Dee sounded like she had made a breakthrough but needs DNA from Stu’s daughter Bridget.

Alya lies to Dee-Dee by confirming that Stu still wants to proceed.

Alya attempted to get the DNA sample when Bridget and Eliza paid a visit to No. 6 and stayed round for tea.

Zeedan caught Alya stealing Bridget’s lipstick and takes it from her as Stu no longer want to pursue his case.

As he called off the appeal, his ex-wife, daughter and granddaughter will be able to visit him more.

Alya managed to steal a mug with Bridget’s DNA on it for testing.

If it proves the fingerprints match the one on the bag Stu will be found innocent.

But how will Stu react when he finds out Alya is still going through with the appeal and stole DNA?

Fans were rooting for Alya as she continues to help Stu.

Uno dijo: “#Corrie Aw Stu.

Just hope he’s gets some justice from this.

Otro escribió: “I think Alya as a soft spot for Stu.

Un tercero escrito: “Alya really wants to solve this case for Stu but he doesn’t want her too how frustrating.

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Alya is onto Bridget

Alya is onto BridgetCrédito: ITV

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