Spoilers da Corrie: Yasmeen Nazir makes a bold decision about Stu Highway

YASMEEN Nazir makes a bold suggestion about her living arrangements after Eliza moves inbut will Stu agree?

Next week on the Sabonete ITV, Stu blames himself for the vandalism and tells Yasmeen it’s even more reason he should find somewhere else to live.

Yasmeen makes a bold suggestion

Yasmeen makes a bold suggestionCrédito: ITV
Will Stu admit his feelings for Yasmeen?

Will Stu admit his feelings for Yasmeen?Crédito: ITV

But Yasmeen admits to Stu that she still has feelings for him and if he were to share her bedroom, there would be a spare room for Eliza.

Will Stu agree?

enquanto isso, Adam congratulates Dee-Dee on clearing Stu’s name and offers her a job at the solicitors. Dee-Dee accepts, depending on the salary.

Dee-Dee suggests to Alya that she’d happily take her on as her legal secretary and train her up, what will Alya decide?

Mais tarde na semana, Yasmeen helps a jittery Stu to prepare No.6 for a visit from Eliza’s social worker.

Stu and Yasmeen are delighted when the social worker approves No.6 as Eliza’s new home and confirms she can move in immediately.

Eliza moves into No.6. Stu’s anxious to make a favourable impression.

When Eliza asks after her mum, Stu suggests they could visit her together.

While Eliza prepares for their prison visit, Yasmeen’s quick to reassure a fretting Stu that he’s doing fine.

Yasmeen’s delighted to hear that Dee-Dee has offered Alya an exciting new job and urges her to seize the opportunity.

Eliza’s subdued after visiting her mum.

Yasmeen assures Stu he’s doing a wonderful job and Eliza’s lucky to have him.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

Alya considers a new job offer

Alya considers a new job offerCrédito: ITV
Yasmeen encourages her grand daughter to seize the opportunity

Yasmeen encourages her grand daughter to seize the opportunityCrédito: ITV

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