Corrie’s Colson Smith left in agonising pain during The Games after injury

CORONATION Street star Colson Smith has revealed how he was left in agonising pain after he was injured during a The Games challenge.

The Craig Tinker actor was seen taking part in the 100-metre hurdles in a pre-recorded segment of the hit ITV show last night.

Colson's thumb was left injured after the hurdles race

Colson’s thumb was left injured after the hurdles raceクレジット: レックス
The star came last in the race on Thursday evening

The star came last in the race on Thursday eveningクレジット: レックス

Colson, 23, admitted he badly injured his thumb before he even set off to run the race as he slipped out of the starting blocks.

The soap starwho only learnt to swim last month and debuted his skills in challenges earlier this weekcame last in the recent race.

彼は言った Sofa Cinema Club podcast that heslippedas he prepared to run as thefloor was soaking weton the track.

On the hurdles, the floor was soaking wet,” Colson explained. Take your marks, 設定, I’ve gone up for the set, and my thumb [slipped].


The Games' Colson Smith reveals injury that puts place on show at risk


The GamesColson Smith reveals injury that puts place on show at risk

I was laughing my head off because of the amount of pain I was in. I did finish, to clarify. It bloody hurt though, it properly hurt.

“[My thumb] is sprained. You put your hands in the blocks, and when you raise up for ‘set’, my thumb kind of slipped because it was wet.

He explained that his thumb was strapped up to heal, but he had to take it off after itwent numbon the way home.

They had to ring the medic and were like, ‘What shall we do? Colson has got pins and needles in his thumb’,” 彼が追加した.


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It comes after Colson revealed the heartbreaking reason he never learned to swim until The Games.

In the last couple of years Colson has lost an incredible 10 結石 after taking up running, and he admitted it was his weight that had stopped him getting in the pool during his school years.

彼は言った: “In school I hated swimming because I was the fat kid. So I used to basically refuse to swim.

When I found out about this I didn’t want to do it, and then I kind of said it’s about time I stopped saying no because of the way that I look and the way that I feel.

This competition is kind of gonna be me versus me, I just want to show myself that Colson has no limits and he really is just gonna keep pushing it all the way.

When it came to the race, Colson finished in last place but he was far from disappointed as he still achieved his personal best by completing the race in under a minute.

彼が言った presenter Alex Scott:I’m buzzing. I must be one of the happiest people to come last in an event.

For me that’s massive, それは 10 seconds quicker than what I did in the last training!”

Viewers were delighted for Colson and what he had achieved in a short space of time.

Twitterに連れて行く, 1つは書いた: “Colson getting 47.7 in the swimming race when he couldn’t even swim 5 weeks ago shows with enough work and so much heart u can achieve anything.

別の追加: “Colson.. inspirational guy. Couldn’t even swim 6 何週間前!”

3番目のツイート: “Colson is the new nation’s sweetheart I don’t care what you say.

The Games concludes tonight at 9pm on ITV.