Counting On’s Jeremiah launches construction business as show is canceled

COUNTING On star Jeremiah Duggar has launched a construction business, as the family’s reality show is canceled after Josh’s child pornography arrest.

The Sun can exclusively reveal Jeremiah, 22, applied for a business license for Hometown Construction, LLC on June 18, 2021, just days before TLC canceled Counting On

Jeremiah Duggar launched a construction business

Jeremiah Duggar launched a construction businessCredit: TLC
This comes as his family's reality show has been canceled

This comes as his family’s reality show has been canceledCredit: TLC

Jeremiah is known for this handy work. 

The Duggar Family Instagram even praised him during a trip to Lowe’s Home Improvement, as a caption read: “Jeremiah and Jason know how to get things done! When they’re not on a construction site, you can usually find them getting supplies… ready for the next project! Grateful for these hardworking guys!”

But Jeremiah’s new construction business isn’t his only career, as he has his real estate license and works for Good Neighbor Realty along with his twin brother Jedidiah, and siblings James and Joseph. 

Jeremiah also has his commercial pilot and flight instructor licenses. 

Jeremiah is known for his handy work

Jeremiah is known for his handy workCredit: Instagram/Duggar Family
Jeremiah is also a pilot and teaches lessons

Jeremiah is also a pilot and teaches lessonsCredit: Instagram/Jeremiah Duggar

He even launched Learn to Fly Here in March 2020. 

Jeremiah’s new business venture comes as the family’s long-running TLC show Counting On has been canceled

The Sun exclusively reported from a source: “The decision was made by TLC earlier this week to cancel the show. The family was told over the phone shortly after and it’s still very hush hush.”

“The petition from those who boycotted Counting On was hard to ignore, and sponsors were very concerned following Josh’s arrest. 

The cancellation is in response to Josh's child pornography arrest

The cancellation is in response to Josh’s child pornography arrestCredit: Splash

“There have been a lot of discussions in recent weeks as the network had already spent money on production after months of filming. 

“But the bottom line is, the network really wants to be on the right side of this scandal ahead of Josh’s trial. It was important for bosses to be seen to have taken action.

“The case has put the show in such a bad light, and although it’s a shame for those who worked hard on it, and the money spent, there really is no way forward.”

Counting On’s last season ended in September 2020. 

TLC confirmed the cancellation

TLC confirmed the cancellationCredit: TLC

TLC confirmed the news in a statement that read: “TLC will not be producing additional seasons of Counting On. TLC feels it is important to give the Duggar family the opportunity to address their situation privately.” 

Jinger and her husband Jeremy Vuolo released in a joint statement: “We are very grateful for TLC giving us the opportunity to be on their network over the years and their kindness towards the Vuolo family.

“It’s been a remarkable journey that has opened doors to traveling and experiencing the world in a way that we wouldn’t have.”

Jinger continued: “We wholeheartedly agree with TLC’s decision not to renew Counting On and are excited for the next chapter in our lives.

Jinger and Jeremy 'agree' with TLC's decision

Jinger and Jeremy ‘agree’ with TLC’s decision

“We’d like to thank our fans, friends, and the amazing film crew who have shown us love and support. We look forward to continuing our creative journey in Los Angeles and seeing what the future holds.”

The Sun also reported that the family was “shocked” by the news.

An insider said: “Most of the family only found out today, they were shocked by the news. They were quietly confident it would be renewed for at least one more season because Josh isn’t on it.

“Things were put on hold after his arrest, but TLC had already spent money on production so everyone was pretty sure it would go ahead.

The family was 'shocked' by the news

The family was ‘shocked’ by the newsCredit: Getty

“After the petition was launched to axe the show and TLC was put under pressure, there was concern it could all be over, but they didn’t think it would really happen.

“Many of the Duggars have grown up on screen so they are sad to see this chapter end, but others are pleased they won’t be on TV anymore.”

The source added: “I doubt Josh cares very much about the decision, he only ever really thinks about himself and has bigger problems right now with the trial looming.”

Josh has trial for the charges in November

Josh has trial for the charges in NovemberCredit: Coleman-Rayner for The US Sun

The cancellation comes after Josh, 33, was arrested and charged with receiving and possessing child pornography in April, as he awaits his trial on home confinement.

According to the indictment, Josh “knowingly received child pornography” between or about May 14, 2019 and on or about May 16, 2019.

For the second count, Josh “knowingly possessed material that contained images of child pornography,” including “images of minors under the age of 12.”

He could face up to 20 years in prison

He could face up to 20 years in prison

If convicted, he could receive 20 years in prison with fines up to $250,000 for each count. 

Josh pleaded not guilty to the charges at his arraignment and was released a week after the arrest.

The former 19 Kids and Counting star is currently on home confinement until his trial and is living with third party custodians LaCount and Maria Reber, who are longtime friends of Jim Bob and Michelle. 

The Sun broke Josh’s trial has been postponed from July 2020 to November 2020.

Josh’s wife Anna, who is pregnant with their seventh child, is standing by her husband and has visited him with their children. 

Josh has unlimited access to his children with Anna present. 

His wife Anna is standing by his side

His wife Anna is standing by his sideCredit: Social Media – Refer to Source