Papà si blocca nel furgone di Thames Water dopo essere rimasto senza acqua 48 ore'

A FUMING dad blocked in a Thames Water van after being left without water for 48 ore.

Chris Oxley, 40, said he pulled the stunt to force the engineer into calling his boss to get the family’s water switched back on following works to fix a leaky pipe.

Chris Oxley used the family car to block in Thames Water

Chris Oxley used the family car to block in Thames WaterCredito: Chris Oxley / Twitter
Chris Oxley and partner Sarah McCrory were left at their 'wits end' following their water ordeal

Chris Oxley and partner Sarah McCrory were left at their ‘wits endfollowing their water ordealCredito: Fornito

It followed a horror two days which saw the familywho have a nine-month-old babyunable to flush their toilets, wash themselves or clean up amid a scorching heatwave that left their home stinking.

Chris, from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, detto Posta Online: “We’re sitting here with no water without a clue. We’ve got baby puke and baby poo to deal with.

I understand it’s ‘first world problems’, but we pay these people to do this.

Partner Sarah McCrory, 43, said the couple were at theirwits end”, forced to drive 20 miles each day to her mother’s house to wash their baby, its clothes, bottles and food utensils.

The family’s homealong with around four other houseswas cut off at around 7pm on Monday.

Amid the hellish ordeal the pair claim to have been told the water had been fixed despite no one even turning up.

They were first visited around 11pm on Monday and promised water, but it never came back on and Thames Water allegedly didn’t provide them with any bottled water.

Sarah was forced to drive to neighbours to fill up containers so she could drink and get water for basic chores at home.

Then on Wednesday morning, a Thames Water van turned up carrying waterChris approached the engineer asking when the works would be done.

The driver said this was not possible, so the dad demanded to speak to the manager of Thames Waterhe was told no.

Tensions then spiralled as Chris got in his car and blocked the van prompting the driver to scream “vaffanculo” and flick a gesture at himthe engineer called the cops.

Police arrived and laid out the Highway Code advising Chris to shift his motor, which he ultimately did.

But the hellish ordeal had still not ended by Wednesday evening and the family say the leak has yet to be discovered, leaving them worried about what they will do.

Partner Sarah slammed: “I’ve been in tears on the phone to people [Thames Water] who just won’t help.

The Sun Online has approached Thames Water and Thames Valley Police for comment.

The chaos follows a string of water supply issues hammering Britain over the heatwave.

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Di lunedi, un burst main in Islington, Londra, caused atsunamion a busy streetsparking fury amongst residents who had been warned to expect hosepipe bans by Thames Water.

It comes as half of Britain face a hosepipe ban following weeks of dry spells which have dried up reservoirs.