Danniella Westbrook channels Britney Spears in stockings and pigtails

DANNIELLA Westbrook today embraced her inner Britney Spears.

O antigo EastEnders Estrela, 49, channeled the pop legend, 41, in stockings and pigtails.

Danniella Westbrook pulled off a Britney Spears look today

Danniella Westbrook pulled off a Britney Spears look todayCrédito: Instagram
The former soap star revealed she was wearing stocking

The former soap star revealed she was wearing stockingCrédito: Instagram

Danniella took to Instagram to show off her sexy look.

In the short clip she could be seen walking along the street dressed like Britney from her famous 1998 Baby One More Time video.

Danniella played the song over the top of the video, as she talked to the cameraalthough it’s not clear what she is saying.

Ela escreveu “oopsover the top of the post, referencing Britney’s song Oops!…I Did It Again.

Her fans loved the clip, com um dizendo: “Looking amazing every day ❤️

Outro comentou: “Britney all the way 💜

Enquanto este disse: “rockiiiiiinnng it queeeen 👏😍🔥❤️

enquanto isso, Danniella recently told The Sun how she is set to undergo yet another operation on her face in Turkey.

She has been left with crumbling bones and a collapsed jaw and cheekbone due to years of cocaine addiction.

Danniella was famously left with a disfigured nose after her abuse caused her septum — which separates the nostrils — to rot and eventually collapse.

But the star now revealed to The Sun that she is going to extensive lengths to try and fix her face.

O antigo Grande Irmão Celebridade star revealed that she is choosing to fly abroad to undergo cosmetic surgery in Turkey.

This comes as the star only had a procedure done in April and was spotted in London with a bandaged nose.

Before this she already underwent two of FIVE reconstructive operations at Liverpool’s Aintree Hospital.

One of the demanding procedures saw part her ribs inserted into her cheek. She also underwent a similar operation in 2018.

She previously told The Sun: “I hate the way I look. I’m constantly made fun of, and trolled for it.

“People message me, ditado, ‘You’re so ugly, you’re a junkie, you should just go and kill yourself’.

I’ve also had messages saying they are glad I’m not coming back to EastEnders because no one wants me scaring their kids on the telly.

“I pretend I’m fine, always happy to bounce back and fight every battle. But it’s not the case inside, and feeling like this makes me really lonely.

“Sometimes I wake up and think ‘I don’t want to die today but I don’t want to face the world either’.”

Danniella, who took her first line of cocaine at 14 and is thought to have blown £250,000 on drugs, is adamant she is not undergoing surgery to silence vile keyboard warriors.

Ela disse: “It will change the way I look but also help my breathing and sinus issues,” ela insistiu. “It’s about my health as well.

The star is set to undergo five operations in total in an effort to rebuild her face

The star is set to undergo five operations in total in an effort to rebuild her faceCrédito: Rex
After years of drug use, Danniella's septum rotted to the point of collapse

After years of drug use, Danniella’s septum rotted to the point of collapseCrédito: Getty