Svelata la storia di Hollyoaks di Danny Dyer – mentre i capi cercano di tentare la star di EastEnders

HOLLYOAKS is hoping to tempt Danny Dyer with a “juicy” part on the Channel 4 soap when his character Mick Carter exits EastEnders.

A source told me: “The script­writers think he would make a brilliant addition to the cast.

Hollyoaks bosses are trying to write a 'juicy' part to tempt Danny Dyer once he exits Eastenders

Hollyoaks bosses are trying to write a ‘juicypart to tempt Danny Dyer once he exits EastendersCredito: Getty

“They are putting their heads together to write a juicy part to entice him.

“They would love to create a ­special role just for him which draws on all his charms – as well as letting him keep his own accent.”

Quite right.

Hearing him do a northern accent would feel wrong.

Danny will have his will have his on-screen exit from Albert Square this winter after nine years in the show.

He will leave the soap in an explosive Christmas storyline, that’s set to put an end to Mick Carter for good.

Speaking to The Sun at the British Soap Awards in May, Danny revealed: “It’s huge and it’s going to upset a few people.

“I will miss everyone but I want to go out proper. I came in proper and I want to go out proper.

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“I wish I could tell you more. In the next couple of months you’ll learn a bit about what we’re going to do but I can tell you it’s huge.”

Danny is currently filming a travel show with his daughter Dani, with the pair recently sharing snaps from a trip to Italy.