Diablo 4 fecha de lanzamiento, nuevo tráiler, y música mostrada en The Game Awards

FANS have been eagerly awaiting more information about Diablo 4, but Blizzard has been fairly quiet on the details.

A preview build of the game was sent to press recently, but we could only play three of the five classes, and were locked to the starting area.

Diablo for modern consoles.

Diablo for modern consoles.Crédito: Blizzard

Without a look at the wider game it was difficult for us to judge just how far the game was from release.

While the preview build looked polished, we were aware that the majority of the game was still locked off.

sin embargo, fans will not have to wait too much longer to finally get their hands on the long-awaited Diablo continuación.

Diablo 4’s official release date is junio 6, 2023, to fit in with the game’s devilish theme.

The new trailer showed footage from the game which proved that it is right up to date with modern hardware.

Music from the game was also played live on stage, as performed by Halsey.

From what we’ve played of the game, Diablo 4 has brought updated combat in-line with modern consoles, while still bringing the nostalgic feeling of Diablo’s best era.

Of all the Diablo games released so far, Diablo 4 feels most like Diablo 2, which is often considered the best game in the series.

Diablo 4 was first announced in 2019, and has been in development for a number of years at this point.

sin embargo, development was delayed after the developer decided to put their efforts into remastering Diablo 2.

Called Diablo 2: Resucitado, the game was released in 2021 and was well-received by both critics and fans.

This helped build hype for the upcoming fourth game in the series which is now highly-anticipated.

Whether Diablo 4 lives up to the hype that Blizzard has created remains to be seen.

We’ll have to see how the game shapes up when it releases in summer next year.

Escrito por Georgina Young en nombre de GLHF.

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