¿Los gemelos Kray tuvieron hijos??

THE Kray twins were notoriously known for being London gangsters from the late 1950s to 1967.

A pesar de, a number of affairs and marriages, we take a look at if either Ronnie or Reggie managed to have any children.

The Kray twins

The Kray twinsCrédito: Hulton Archive – Getty

¿Los gemelos Kray tuvieron hijos??

Ninguno Ronnie or Reggie had any children by record.

sin embargo, Sandra Ireson, a 64-year-old mother and grandmother, claims she is the daughter from a brief romance between Reggie and cabaret dancer Greta Harper in 1958.

Sandrs only came to discover who her real father was until 1995 following the death of Reggie’s twin brother Ronnie.

She tried to create a relationship with Reggie for the following five years but only managed to meet him once, as he was jailed for life in 1969 for stabbing small-time villain JackThe HatMcVitie.

sin embargo, Reggie allegedly rejected Sandra’s attempt to forge a lasting relationship in fear of upsetting his wife Roberta.

Charlie Kray was the eldest brother of the Kray twins

Charlie Kray was the eldest brother of the Kray twinsCrédito: Pensilvania:Asociación de Prensa

Who was Charlie Kray?

Charlie Kray was born in 1927 and was a British criminal and amateur boxer who was the elder brother of Ronnie and Reggie Kray.

He was the son of Charles and Violet Kray, and lived most of his life in the show casted by his brothers, who were seven years younger than him.

The three brothers all shared the same room at 178 Vallance Road, Bethnal Green.

Charlie became the twins’ guardian during the second world war where they had to move from London to Suffolk.

Charlie ended up suffering from a stroke in 1999 and was readmitted to hospital the following March due to a heart attack.

Reggie was taken to see Charlie, and this was the first time the brothers had seen eachother since the funeral of Ronnie in 1995.

One former criminal, who knew the Krays well, revelado: “IT’s plain wrong to say Charlie was the brains behind the Kray empire, Reggie was. Charlie wasn’t like the twins, whatever others say. He was a gentleman.

“It’s true that he reaped some benefits from being their brother, but he also paid a very, very heavy price”.

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Did Charlie Kray have any children?

Charlie had a son with his ex-wife Doris Moore on July 3, 1951 called Gary Kray.

It was also reported that he had a daughter called Nancy, but during a heated argument with Doris, she revealed that Nancy wasn’t his daughter but George Ince.

Although Charlie was heartbroken by the news, he decided to stay with her for the sake of the children and even loved Nancy as if she were his own.

His son Gary died of cancer on March 8, 1995, aged forty-four, only four years before his father.

A few years after Charlie’s death in April 2000 from heart disease, there were reports Nancy made a request to have his body exhumed for DNA testing to prove he was really her father.

Nancy is still alive today, edad 56 and has since spoken out about her traumatic past being involved in the Kray family.