Il capo della tavola calda sbatte "abusivi".’ clienti e avverte che scatenerà una massiccia punizione

THE boss of a popular diner has hit out at “abusive” customers, warning he’ll dish out a huge punishment after his staff got cruel taunts.

Management of Sam’s Diner in Par near St Austell, Cornovaglia, preso a social media a dicembre 3 to share a heartfelt message urging people not to be abusive to staff and said that anyone who is will be banned from the ristorante.

Sam's Diner is a hugely popular restaurant in Cornwall

Sam’s Diner is a hugely popular restaurant in CornwallCredito: BPM

The family-run business operated by husband and wife duo Sam and Emma, is one of the county’s most well-loved restaurants.

Sam’s has firmly established itself at the forefront of the Cornwall’s trend-setting eateries since the original business opened in 1987, with a number of restaurants across the county, in Fowey, Polkerris on the beach, the Roseland (Sam’s pop up alfresco dining) Sam’s Diner in Par, and in the City in Truro.

But in recent days, the management at the site in Par have felt the need to defend their staff members online after one of them was verbally abused by a customer.

In a post shared on Facebook, the managers said that theywill not toleratetheir staff beingtalked down to” o “made to feel rubbish”, stating that they simply deserve better.

The full post read: “We will not tolerate our staff being verbally abused. It’s sad and disappointing that we have to write a post like this.

“After an excellent service today at The Diner a grown woman thought she would have a go at a member of staff, this isn’t acceptable and won’t be tolerated.

“Most of the staff at The Diner are young, they are hard-working, always with a smile on their face, AND WE ARE PROUD OF EVERY SINGLE STAFF MEMBER!

We will not tolerate our staff being talked down to, and made to feel rubbish, cursed at, and won’t accept unkind gestures.

“You will be banned as our staff deserve better. Old and new customers make our day, and we now have so many returning visitors or should I say friends, all greeted with the same smile, the warm welcome, the love every time you walk through the door.

“Your Sam’s experience is important to us, and we will not allow one grown up woman to get us down as we are THE SAM’S TEAM.

The post was met with dozens of comments of support, with many praising the diner for supporting their staff members and highlighting theexcellentservice that is provided.

Una persona ha commentato: “Thank you for having your staffs back! Working in hospitality is often a thankless job, and unfortunately the amount of times we’re abused by customers seems to have massively increased this last couple of years.

“Keep smiling, and keep supporting your colleagues. Peace and love.

Mentre un altro ha detto: “So sad to hear this, well done for looking after your staff so well.

“Staff abuse notices everywhere nowwhat on earth is wrong with people!”

Piers Morgan "si prende la rivincita definitiva su ITV": “This is so sad that people have to behave like this. We love coming and having a great atmosphere, great friendly staff and service.

This is so sad to read, we’ve always had excellent friendly service at whichever Sam’s we’ve visited- so sorry this has happened to you”, a fourth person said.

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Un altro ha commentato: “We have always had nothing but 1st class service from the staff at Sam’s. They make it the absolute best dining experience.

“Keep up the amazing work you all do. Don’t let one stuffy self-entitled customer get you down.