Disturbing prank at hen-do party resulted in guest being barred from wedding

A GROOM was left horrified after his sister played a disturbing prank involving a model skeleton in the lead up to his wedding.

The “cruel” act was so “sick” that he chose to ban the offending family member from his special day as she “overstepped the mark.”

The disturbing prank was made at the bride's hen-do party

The disturbing prank was made at the bride’s hen-do party
Guests were reportedly shocked by the incident involving a model skeleton

Guests were reportedly shocked by the incident involving a model skeleton

The upset groom explained that he was left no choice to uninvite the sordid sibling following the incident that took place at his wife’s to-be hen-do party.

The 20-year-old had reportedly left guests stunned after announcing she had brought a “special surprise guest” to the event, before “wheeling in” a model skeleton wearing a “sister of the bride’s t-shirt.”

The groom explained that his fiancée’s younger sister had tragically died when she was just 16.

And unsurprisingly he was left less than impressed when he heard of the so-called “edgy” prank – despite being asked by many members of his family to let it go.

现在, taking to an advice column on Reddit, he admitted he is still fuming over his sister’s distasteful actions and is not ready for the incident to be “swept under the rug.”

“I am not talking to my sister right now. I don’t know what you can even say,“ 他说.


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“She has never liked my fiancée, but I still can’t believe she did something so theatrically cruel.

“My family all want me to back down: ‘She overstepped, but it was just a joke. You know she likes to be edgy. She’s devastated. C’mon, she’s a dumb kid and it didn’t mean anything. She’s very sorry and just wants to get back to normal.’

“The only person I haven’t heard from is my sister, other than her telling me to ‘get over it, it wasn’t like it was her dead sister’s ACTUAL skeleton’.

“I have stood firm. Probably for the first time in my life. This was such an indescribably cruel thing to do (to anyone! Whether I loved them or not) that I can’t just sweep it under the rug.”


The groom then went on to say that the incident has caused a rift in his family after they pleaded with him to forgive and forget.

“So now my side of the family (父母, 兄弟, aunts and cousins) aren’t coming to the wedding. Which is fine,“ 他加了.

“They can get a bunch of skeletons and hold their own. 我不在乎. The thing is that at this point, even my fiancée wants me to just give in to keep the peace.

She says that it’s not worth causing so much disruption over a stupid prank that went wrong.

“Except it wasn’t a prank! No one would consider that funny and genuinely expect people to laugh.”

Hundreds of Reddit users flooded the comments to the advice column as many sided with the groom.

“The fiancée is mentally, physically and spiritually a better person than me, because if my partner’s sister did anything as terrible as that at my hen party, I would nurture the resulting grudge as if it were my firstborn. I’d neither forgive nor forget,” said one.

另一个写道: “Honestly, that is worthy of cutting her out for the rest of your life. That is one of the cruellest things I’ve ever heard of.

“Anyone who doesn’t support the decision to cut her out, should be on the chopping block, 也. That wasn’t casual cruelty, it was flat out monstrous.”

“Seriously. I would never be in the same room as her again” a third added.

While a fourth proclaimed: “What sort of a sick person would do something like that? I’m horrified. Actually, horrified doesn’t even begin to cover it.”

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