Die Grenzkontrollen in Dover werden in die Höhe schnellen 45 Sekunden zu 10 PROTOKOLL nächstes Jahr

DOVER is facing travel chaos next year after the port boss warned border checks on cars could rocket from the current 45 Sekunden zu 10 PROTOKOLL.

The EU is due to introduce a new Entry-Exit System in May with travellers having to undergo a series of biometric checks including fingerprints and captured facial images.

Dover faces travel chaos next year as border checks on cars could increase to 10 Protokoll, the port chief has warned

Dover faces travel chaos next year as border checks on cars could increase to 10 Protokoll, the port chief has warnedAnerkennung: Chris Eades

It will mean every passenger in a vehicle arriving at the port will have to register for the new system, sparking fresh fears of travel chaos and miles of queues.

Dover Port chief executive Doug Bannister warned yesterday: "Im Augenblick, EES will work well in major airports or rail terminals with large, well-lit rooms.

“But there has been no process designed – keiner, zero zipfor a busy ferry terminal to process car loads of passengers on dark stormy nights.

“Even at the busiest times right now, with new post-Brexi Regeln, passport checks are taking 45 zu 90 seconds per car.

With the pre-registration involved a car with a family of four or five in it could take up to 10 Protokoll.

“The government should be urgently discussing with their French and EU counterparts how this is going to work.

Our port handles £144billion of trade a year and more than 11million passengers.

“There needs to be serious consideration to having the process happen outside the port or even at home.

“If we get handed a process that doesn’t work for our business model and terminal and are forced to implement it it will have a dramatic detrimental impact on trade and travel.”

The new system is due to be implemented in May 2023, with a new European visa waiver scheme that will see every traveller having to pay seven eurosaround £6.30due to start in November.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

The Eitas schememodelled on the current US Esta scheme will mean applying and paying for a visa waiver that will last three years.