Dragons' Den 的 Sara Davies 透露她不会给儿子留下 3500 万英镑的遗产

DRAGONSDen star Sara Davies has revealed she won’t leave her HUGE £35million wealth to her sons when she dies.

The businesswoman explained that she told her parents she did not want any inheritance money after working hard for her own cash, and that she hoped her kids wouldsay the same to her”.

Sara said she would be "less inclined" to give her money if her sons were "banking on it"

Sara said she would beless inclinedto give her money if her sons werebanking on it信用: Instagram/@ saradaviescc
The mother-of-two has tried to keep her sons living a "normal" 生活

The mother-of-two has tried to keep her sons living anormal” 生活信用: Instagram/@ saradaviescc

Sara, 38, who is mum to boys Oliver, 六, and Charlie, 三, with husband Simon, said she would beinclined not to giveher fortune to her boys if she found they werebanking on it”.

DAME Joan Collins 七年来一直是表演偶像 – who owns craft shop Crafter’s Companion and is worth a huge £35millionhopes to keep her family humble.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, 这 巨龙’ 这 star revealed she told her parents she didn’t want any money from them.

I have sat down with both sets of parents and said, ‘I really want you guys to not be working to have any inheritance for us,” 她说.


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The values you have given me are far more valuable than money, so I want you to spend that money and enjoy some extravagant holidays.

That is me telling the generation up, and I would like to think I will bring my kids up to want to say the same thing to me. It would be a real measure of success if the kids grew up with that attitude.

If my kids had a different attitude where they were banking on that inheritance, then I would be inclined to not want to give it.

Sara, who competed in 严格来跳舞 去年, went on to say she is careful to instilthe same valuesshe had growing up.


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I think one of the things that has made me the successful person that I am today is the humble roots that I come from,” 她补充说.

It is really hard trying to strike that balance between wanting to give your kids everything that you didn’t have when you were younger but also wanting them to have the same values you had growing up.

You don’t want them to be spoilt and growing up with a silver spoon in their mouth, but at the same time I don’t want them to want for things that I wanted for.

The proud mum has tried to keep the balance by ensuring that she doesn’t splash cash on things she deemsnot normal”.

I don’t want them to think that it’s normal to go on holiday and stay in expensive hotels and fly first class,” Sara continued.

I just want to be the same as everybody else. That’s why I do a lot of camping and caravanning holidays with the kids.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes when my husband and I go away, I want to stay in a nice expensive hotel as a treat, but it doesn’t have to be all fancy expensive stuff.

Sara insisted that despite the money, that she wants her fans to know she ismuch morethan just her huge net worth.

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It’s a bit sad in a way that that is the first thing people want to know about me, there is so much more to me than that,” Sara concluded.

It is one of those things where net worth is a measure of success.