Les conducteurs ont mis en garde contre un autocollant qui pourrait leur valoir une amende de 120 £ pendant leurs vacances

AMAZON and Ebay have been slammed for selling GB car stickers which could put drivers at risk of £120 fine while on holiday.

Septembre dernier, les UK government changed the rule for drivers while abroad.

GB stickers could cause motorists to get fined on holiday

GB stickers could cause motorists to get fined on holidayCrédit: Getty – Donateur

Motorists must now display a GB sticker with a UK one. If drivers use the incorrect one, then they could get slapped with a €140 (£120) fine while in the EU.

toutefois, The Sun has spotted that Amazone et eBay are still selling with descriptions which may mislead motorists.

Par example, we found GB stickers for sale on eBay in the EU yellow and blue, with the initials surrounded by stars. They were being promoted on Amazon as a “legal requirement in most EU countries”.

Another with the more familiar black lettering on a white background are branded AA Car Essentials maintain it “complies with EU law” and is an “AA branded and approved product”.

Hundreds of sellersofferings of GB stickers also appear on the results pages of eBay, including standard oval black and white stickers described as “European EU Road Legal”.

Experts have warned that drivers could make a “costly error” by purchasing the stickers.

“It’s totally irresponsible for businesses to continue to sell GB stickers and provide misinformation on their websites, given some countries and regions are rigorously enforcing the new sticker and licence plate rules”, consumer expert Martyn James said.

“This could be a costly error if people decide to pursue the costs they’ve incurred for lost or ruined holidays.”

We asked Amazon and eBay about this issue. Amazon told us: “We have requested the sellers in question update the information on the product pages so it aligns with the latest government guidance.”

An eBay spokesperson told us: “We do not tolerate listings that could mislead buyers and will remove listings that breach our policy on this. We have removed the listings that suggest the stickers are legal for use on the road.”

What are the rules on national identity stickers?

Depuis 28 septembre 2021 the rules on what sticker you need on your bumper or rear window have changed. But it’s not as simple as just ripping off the old GB sticker and replacing it with a UK one.

If you’re travelling to Europe and your number plate has the UK identifier with the Union Jack you won’t always need a UK sticker, unless you’re travelling to certain countries, such as Spain and Malta.

If you have a GB or EU identifier on your numberplate, or one of the national flags of England, Scotland of Wales, or just numbers and letters alone, you must show a UK sticker.

Likewise, if you’re planning to drive outside the EU, you’ll need to display a UK sticker.

In all cases you’ll need to cover or remove a GB sticker or face a fine. The only exception is for driving in the Republic of Ireland.