Die Fahrer werden gewarnt, während der Hitzewelle das VITAL-Teil zu überprüfen, da sie sonst mit Kosten in Höhe von 100 £ rechnen müssen

DRIVERS should take extra care of their windscreens during hot weather, experts have warned.

Not looking after the glass could mean repair bills worth hundreds of poundsbut thankfully there are some simple ways to avoid any vehicular or financial damage.

Experts have warned drivers to take extra care of their windscreens in hot weather

Experts have warned drivers to take extra care of their windscreens in hot weatherAnerkennung: Getty

Wie temperatures soar in ganz Großbritannien, specialists say the best thing you can do for your Wagen is get chips fixed as quickly as possibleideally before it gets any hotter.

Extreme changes canstresslaminated glass, which reduces its strength and durability.

This can mean chips quickly become cracks, which can be incredibly dangerous to drive with.

Not only does it reduce visibility so put yourself and other motorists at risk, it can also cost you up to £2,500 and three penalty points.

If you’re not able to fix chips before the Hitzewelle is out, parking in the shade and using a sun shield can help minimise the chance of potential problems.

Ed Colley, head of marketing at Autoglass which offered the advice, sagte: “In warm Wetter, like the blistering 35C heat expected this weekend, extreme changes in temperature can stress laminated windscreen glass, reducing its strength and durability and causing chips on windscreens to become cracks.

Even the smallest chip can quickly grow, impacting visibility on the road, und, if it turns into a crack, can legally require an entirely new windscreen.

A third of drivers don’t know this, but tens of thousands of cars will have chips on their vehicle glass right now and are unwittingly risking an unwelcome maintenance bill once the heatwave has passed.

Ideally drivers should get chips fixed before the heatwave hits, but for those that can’t, simple steps such as parking your car in the shade or using a sun shield on the outside of your windscreen can help to keep your car cool and minimise the chance of any issues.

Other heatwave car hacks include covering seats in muslin cloths and hanging an iced damp flannel in front of your vents.