I fan di Duggar pensano che un membro chiave della famiglia sia incinta dopo aver visto il segno nella nuova foto

FANS have speculated a third pregnancy for Joy-Anna Duggar after spotting a big clue in a recent photo.

The Counting On star has sparked baby rumors for months as fans claim they’ve seen a bump developing under her clothing.

Fans noticed that Joy-Anna strategically covered her belly in a new photo

Fans noticed that Joy-Anna strategically covered her belly in a new photoCredito: Instagram/Trace Bates
Some believe she could be pregnant with her third child

Some believe she could be pregnant with her third childCredito: Instagram/@austin4site

Adesso, Gioia-Anna, 24, has added to the speculation after her followers uncovered a recent photo with friends.

In the picture reshared on Reddit, the reality star posed with her husband Austin, 28, and their two kids Gideon, quattro, and Evelyn, uno.

The young family stood beside a group of friends outside of Gospel Light Baptist Church where they smiled after attending a Sunday service.

But fans were more concerned about Joy-Anna’s choice of clothing, as she rocked a loose-fitting babydoll dress with a patchwork pattern.

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Joy-Anna fuels pregnancy rumors as fans spot 'baby bump' during trip


Joy-Anna fuels pregnancy rumors as fans spot ‘baby bumpduring trip

The mother of two also positioned her son right in front of her stomach, in what seemed like an effort to conceal a bump.


The former TLC star’s fans raced to the comments section to share their theories on a potential third child.

If Joy is pregnant she’s good at hiding it,” one wrote alongside the photo, opening up the conversation.

The waist line of her dress would cover a small bump for sure. With that said, she’s been looking ‘early pregnantfor many months.

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At some point at least, it has to have just been Joy having a regular post-baby tummy. It’s really hard to get anything definitive from any of these pictures we’ve seen,” a second argued.

A third noted: “The only reason I think she is, is because Evy will be 2 next month.

We’ll know soon. Joy pops really fast,” a fourth remarked, while a fifth guessed: “If she’s only like 5 months for example you may be able to see it in tighter items (I.e. a swim shirt) but not looser ones.

She looks early. that dress line would hide it well enough anyway, evy looks like how i imagine baby rapunzel just with shorter hair,” a final commented.


Fans have been speculating that Joy-Anna is secretly pregnant for months after spotting a “pancione” in a deleted photo.

A fine giugno, eagle-eyed followers noticed the TV star in the background of a photo reaching up to something on a top shelf.

She had her other hand placed over what fans thought could be a developing bump.

Joy-Anna’s fans wondered how far along the star could be in her secret pregnancy.

One speculated on a fan forum: “I’m just going to go ahead and say she’s pregnant. The way she’s holding her belly combined with how she looks in Jed’s RV misadventure. Joy is a really active, somewhat athletic type woman and we’ve seen her not have this leftover baby bump everyone is suddenly claiming she has.

Hanno continuato: “We all know that some women don’t lose the baby weight, but by all appearances, Joy isn’t one of them. Check her photos over the past year or so, out with Carlin and various events.

A second simply added: “I’m convinced she’s pregnant again.

Jordyn ha condiviso una serie di foto di una visita a Portland: “Totally looks pregnant to me.

Yet a fourth added: “She was in Jed’s gender reveal with a visible bump and a post was deleted that revealed she had a baby to protect Siah and Lauren’s desire for privacy.


Previously in April, fans were convinced a friend accidentally hinted the third baby sta arrivando.

The Counting On alum’s friend Carlin Bates fueled speculation after sharing numerous photos from their girlsweekend together.

The snaps were initially posted to Carlin’s Instagram Story and circulated on fan forums.

One photo showed a close-up of the pair huddled close as they smiled for the camera.

Gioia-Anna was dressed casually in a gray tee-shirt, no makeup, and her hair pulled back into a loose bun.

Her friend opted for a white top, her long brunette hair tied in a low braid, and a full face of makeup for the occasion.

The photo seemed to capture the end of the visit as she captioned the post: “So glad I got to spend the weekend with yooou!”

In a second pic, Carlin snapped the mom-of-two from behind as she departed carrying multiple bags of luggage and pushing her youngest child Evelyn, uno, in un passeggino.

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She commended her friend’s multi-tasking in her caption, che legge: “She is a super mom.

Both photos raised suspicions for viewers who noticed Carlin’s careful attempt to shield Joy-Anna’s stomach in the photos.

Fans noticed what might be a baby bump late last month

Fans noticed what might be a baby bump late last month
Some believe Joy-Anna's friend dropped hints on a girl's trip

Some believe Joy-Anna’s friend dropped hints on a girl’s trip
The TV star and her husband Austin tied the knot in 2017

The TV star and her husband Austin tied the knot in 2017Credito: Instagram