EastEnders fans horrified as Janine Butcher puts Billy Mitchell in bad position

EASTENDERS villain Janine Butcher has horrified fans by turning on Billy Mitchell.

The schemerwho is played by actress Charlie Brooks in the BBC soaphas been pulling a stolen car scheme at the car lot under owner Jay Brown’s nose.

Eastenders fans are mad at Janine Butcher

Eastenders fans are mad at Janine Butcher

But after he discovered her plan and demanded a cut, Janine refused and insisted she was shutting everything down.

Tonight she decided to frame Jay for everythingand she demanded Billy help her.

Sitting Billy down she told him: “We already set up a fall guy and now he just needs a little shove.”

But with Billy confused at what she meant, an exasperated Janine shouted: “Jay!”

她补充说: “It would be unfortunate for Jay if they were to find a necklace from one of the missing motors in his things.

“That would be sad. Right Billy?”


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digging for dirt

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“He’ll go down for that,” Billy replied.

他加了: “I’m sorry Janine I can’t do that to Honey and the kids.”

But Janine pulled her trump card and made it clear that he didn’t have a choice.

她说: “It’s him or you Billy. If he’s not inside then you will be.”

Fans were disgusted at her scheme and flocked to Twitter to rage about her.

一个写道: “Poor Billy

一秒说: “Our Janine’s going to do it anyway Billy

另一个添加: “哎哟, poor Billy

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