EastEnders ha accennato all'enorme Rocky & Colpo di scena a puntino 8 mesi fa

EASTENDERS left fans gobsmacked after it revealed the real identity of Rockybut a handful of clues have actually been there all along.

The schemerwho is played by actor Brian Conley in the BBC soaprevealed he is a cousin of the late Nasty Nick and working with Dotty to scam Sonia out of the money Dot gave her control of.

EastEnders hinted at a handful of clues revealing Rocky's true identity eight months ago

EastEnders hinted at a handful of clues revealing Rocky’s true identity eight months agoCredito: BBC
There have been a series of clues - li hai individuati??

There have been a series of clues – li hai individuati??Credito: BBC

Torna ad aprile, Dotty was left furious when she discovered that Dot had given Sonia power of attorney.

Around a month later, a maggio, Rocky turned up on Albert Square.

Actor Brian Conley previously said: “If you notice in my very first scene, Rocky comes out of the tube, then he is in Ruby’s and he’s telling this story but just behind him is Dotty.

I thought that was really good. We’re eight months down the line but [nel] his first scene, she was actually standing there. What a wonderful arc!”

BBC One fans might also remember that Dotty tried to convince Sonia to give Rocky a chance when he first turned up in Walford.

She took a trip down memory lane, recalling her own fractured relationship with evil Nick Cotton, to tug encourage the nurse to give her dad a second chance.

Another blindingly obvious question is why Sonia hasn’t mentioned any of this to her mum Carolwho would know the truth.

Why has no-one else in the family spoken to Carol about Rocky’s reappearance?

Plus how did Dotty and Rocky know that they would get away with Rocky’s identity not being uncovered?

Viewers were baffled when Jack Branning met Rocky for the first time earlier this year.

Despite being initially hesitant when they met, copper Jack has not dug deeper into Rocky’s background.

Fans were confused that Jack didn’t recognise himdespite meeting him when the real Terry Cant was dating his sister Carol.

The plot twist has sent fans wild with many praising the soap for the new juicy storyline.

Nel frattempo, fans have predicted that Rocky will double cross Dotty Cotton and flee Albert Square with the Sonia Fowler’s inheritance.

Nella puntata di stasera, Rocky began to have second thoughts about the con.

BBC One viewers are convinced that Rocky will con Dotty and do a runner with Sonia’s money.

Uno ha scritto: “Rocky is going to con Sonia and Dotty leave Walford. #EastEnders”

Un altro condiviso: “Be careful around Rockyhe’s going to do a runner with your money. #EastEnders”

Un terzo postato: “I wouldn’t trust him Dotty. I think Rocky’s gonna set Dotty up. #EastEnders”

All'inizio di questa settimana, he revealed himself to be Thomas Cotton in the police stationDotty’s uncle, and he is just as villainous as dead Nick.

Rocky and Dotty scheme in the park in EastEnders

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