EastEnders skok as Ben Mitchell 'n besluit oor Lewis Butler neem

EASTENDERS fans are in shock after Ben Mitchell let rapist Lewis Butler go.

The mechanicwho is played by actor Max Bowden in the BBC soapdiscovered his dad and aunt had kidnapped rapist Lewis and went to meet them.

Fans were surprised by what Ben did

Fans were surprised by what Ben did
Lewis was kidnapped by Sam Mitchell and finally admitted to the rape

Lewis was kidnapped by Sam Mitchell and finally admitted to the rape

In last night’s episode Ben stopped his dad from murdering Lewisinsisting if anyone was going to kill him then it would be him.

However in tonight’s episode Ben made a shocking decision.

Instead of killing Lewis, he decided to let him go.

At gunpoint he forced Lewis to talk through what happened on the night where he raped him.

“Did you or did you not hear me say no?” he said to Lewis.

Holding the gun to his throat, Ben forced him to admit what he did.

“I undid your shirt and carried on,” Lewis said before crying and saying: “I raped you.”

But then as Ben further questioned him, he realised Lewis had raped other men.

Furious Ben carried on interrogating Lewis before making a decision and firing the gun.

However he didn’t shoot himand instead let him go free.

“I just gave him a little scare,” he said as Phil and Sam ran in.

“Let’s go home then.”

Viewers couldn’t believe Ben would let Lewis go.

Een het geskryf: “Ben did the right thing in letting Lewis go. Killing him would of not worked out well for him ?#EastEnders.

'N Sekonde gesê: “I knew Ben wouldn’t shoot Lewis! @BBCEastenders.

Nog een het bygevoeg: “Ben taking the moral high ground and letting him go. This is what I wanted, I didn’t want Ben to kill someone cos that would have messed with his head more. It was more for his own good than Lewiswellbeing to not pull that trigger. #EastEnders.