Spoiler di EastEnders: Amy Mitchell caught in horrifying situation

BBC One viewers have seen Amy Mitchell going through a hard time as she becomes the main topic of gossip at school.

But the teen is caught in a horrific ordeal next week in EastEnders and her mental health takes a huge toll.

Amy Mitchell has been going through a hard time in recent weeks

Amy Mitchell has been going through a hard time in recent weeksCredito: BBC
Sam Mitchell makes a shocking discovery about the teen next week

Sam Mitchell makes a shocking discovery about the teen next weekCredito: BBC
And her father Scott Branning is set for major heartbreak

And her father Scott Branning is set for major heartbreakCredito: BBC

Fans of the long-running drama have been concerned for Amy’s well-being and suspected the youngster played by Ellie Dadd could be set for a hard-hitting self-harming storyline.

But what is really going on with Amy Mitchell?

In upcoming scenes, her father Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) arranges a belated birthday dinner for her as she refused to leave her room on the day itself.

Amy ends up arguing with Nugget Gulati, Denzel Danes and Lily Slater about the many rumours swirling about her.

Più tardi, her former love interest Denzel tries to make amends but she brushes him off.

Nel frattempo, Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) is desperate to get invited to Amy’s birthday meal in an attempt to bond with her son Ricky whom she has clearly disappointed in earlier scenes.

She arrives at the Branning house with a dress to give Amy, which she believes could guarantee her an invite, and uses her old set of keys to get inside.

But when she heads upstairs, she walks in on Amy and is shocked by what she sees.

Rattled, Sam rushes out before quickly returning and giving Amy the support she may need.

Amy opens up to Sam and tells a shocking secret, begging her to keep it to herself.

Later on in the Vic, Jack is annoyed that Amy is a no-show at her own birthday meal but the teen finally turns upwith Sam in tow.

Amy hopes a dinner invite will buy Sam’s silence but the schemer later accosts Jack in the gents’ servizi igienici.

Will she keep her word?

The pair soon realise Amy is at the door and has heard their conversation.

Tension ensues and Jack is hurt when Amy tells him to stay out of her life.


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His wife Denise Fox (Diane Parish) begs him to tread more carefully around Amy and they both decide to go to Amy’s school to talk to Mrs Larkham about her problems.

Jack is convinced Denzel is giving Amy a hard time and a bad influence on his daughter.

This prompts him to ask if Amy has changed since he arrived, a line of questioning Denise shuts down.

But there’s nothing Denise can do against a stubborn Jack.

In The Vic, Jack confronts Denzel’s father Howie and demands that the lad stays away from Amy.

Things sadly get heated between the men and an explosive altercation ensues as Denise and her sister Kim walk into the pub.

Denise tries to calm Jack down, Khloe sembrava molto diversa con un filtro scintillante che le faceva sembrare il naso molto più magro e le dava gli occhi azzurri, and he lashes out by making it clear Amy is his daughter, not hers.

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What is Amy going through and how will she cope?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

What is Amy hiding?

What is Amy hiding?Credito: BBC
How will Jack cope?

How will Jack cope?Credito: BBC
Will Amy open up to her father?

Will Amy open up to her father?Credito: BBC