Spoilers d'EastEnders: Jack Branning violently assaults teenager in a furious rage

JACK BRANNING is furious with daughter Amy who decides to take a huge step with boyfriend Denzel.

Lily is concerned to learn Amy plans to sleep with Denzel and with Jack and Denise going out for the evening, Amy decides to take advantage of being home alone.

Amy tells Lily her plans with new boyfriend Denzel

Amy tells Lily her plans with new boyfriend DenzelCrédit: BBC
Jack is furious with Amy

Jack is furious with AmyCrédit: BBC
Denise thinks Jack is overreacting

Denise thinks Jack is overreactingCrédit: BBC

Stacey picks-up that Lily is hiding something and after learning what’s going on, she finds Jack.

entre-temps, Denzel arrives at Amy’s and tells her he wants to take things slowly.

As the two kiss, a raging Jack storms in and slams Denzel
against the wall.

Denise, Howie and Kim try to calm Jack down as he holds Denzel against the wall as Amy insists nothing happened.

Denise does all she can to calm the situation but Jack puts harsh punishments in place for Amy.

Howie tries to talk to Denzel who assures him nothing happened and Patrick also offers Denzel some words of support.

Denise talks to Jack but as Jack starts to calm down, he gets a call from his boss – he’s been reported for assaulting Denzel and will be investigated.

Jack is surprised when Sam offers him a listening ear but after a few drinks, she leans in for a kiss.

Jack is unaware that someone is watching and has filmed what

But who was recording? Will they send it to Denise and expose Jack’s cheating?

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7:30pm sur BBC One.

Sam offers Jack a listening ear

Sam offers Jack a listening earCrédit: BBC
Jack and Sam kiss

Jack and Sam kissCrédit: BBC