EastEnders破坏者: Major shock as Dot Branning’s will is read

DOT Branning’s death comes with a series of consequences including returns and a new arrival.

But more importantly, her nearest and dearest will gather around for her will reading next week in 东区人.

Albert Square residents will be gathering around for Dot's funeral

Albert Square residents will be gathering around for Dot’s funeral信用: 英国广播公司
The ceremony will bring back many familiar faces

The ceremony will bring back many familiar faces信用: 英国广播公司
The will reading is also set to cause some fireworks

The will reading is also set to cause some fireworks信用: 英国广播公司

Albert Square residents will give the legendary Dot the send-off she deserves in upcoming scenes of the 英国广播公司一 soap.

Show bosses decided to pay tribute to the late June Brown WHO breathed her last earlier in 2022.

Sonia Fowler (描绘的 Natalie Cassidy) will be leading the way after organising an emotional funeral ceremony.

News of Dot’s death reached the Square when Sonia received a call in earlier scenes of the London-based drama.

She struggled to plan her step-grandmother’s funeral until she received the support of multiple residents, including her former husband Martin.

But there’s something else weighing heavy on her mind.

During the funeral, 索尼娅 bumps into Reiss Colwell outside the church, who reveals he was Dot’s great nephew.

The pair go to No.25 and share a cup of teabefore being interrupted by Jack Branning (由...演奏 Scott Maslen) and Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker).

Both men bring Dot’s wake to the house, cutting Sonia and Reissconversation short.

然而, after an emotional day, Sonia finds herself alone with Reiss and they share a moment.

在后来的场景中, it’s revealed she’s mortified at the thought of becoming homeless ahead of Dot’s will reading as the possibility of Dotty Cotton (Milly Zero) inheriting the house looms.

This prompts Sonia to ask Reiss to stay in Walford with her.

Dotty has been looking forward to sell Dot’s house in the hopes of getting enough money to travel around the world.



稍后的, Dot’s solicitor Kenneth Foskett arrives and divulges Dot’s last wishes to Sonia, Jack, Dotty and Reiss.

Tension is brimming as they all listen to what Kenneth has to announceand one of them soon explodes when they realise they can’t get what they want.

Speaking about the upcoming scenes, Natalie Cassidy promised there will be sparks between Sonia and Dotty.

“是的, you could say that. She’s Nick Cotton’s daughter, 在一天结束时, so there’s going to be some fireworks, that’s for sure.

How will Milly Zero’s last scenes play out?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday.