EastEnders破坏者: 彼得在本恐怖袭击后努力应对

PETER Beale is back home after being viciously attacked by Ben Mitchellbut nothing is the way it was.

Heavily traumatised, 这 东区人 character lashes out, prompting Rocky Cotton to take action.

Peter is traumatised after his vicious attack

Peter is traumatised after his vicious attack信用: 英国广播公司
Rocky Cotton becomes a target

Rocky Cotton becomes a target信用: 英国广播公司
But the former con decides to help Peter

But the former con decides to help Peter信用: 英国广播公司

While his physical injuries will heal, 彼德 (portrayed by actor Dayle Hudson) will continue to struggle with the lingering trauma of his attack.

In recent episodes, the Beale’s Plaice manager was assaulted and he remains on edge as he has no idea who his attacker could be.

This leads to Peter striking against another resident.

Next week, Peter is spooked when he hears someone entering the house.

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As he gets ready to face the worst, Peter finds a frying pan and uses it as a weapon by whacking the intruder over the head.

He soon realises his mistake as Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) is revealed to be the visitor.

Thankfully for Peter, the former con man isn’t hurt and shows understanding.

Seeing how much the youngster is struggling, he hatches a plan to help him.

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Rocky sets out to find Peter’s attacker, making flyers offering a cash reward to find him.

Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) gets wind of what Rocky is trying to do and is spooked enough to warn her son, Ben Mitchell.

As Rocky and Peter decide to uncover the truth about the attack, 英国广播公司一 viewers already know who is responsible for the latter’s trauma.

Months after witnessing Callum Highway being beaten, Max Bowden‘s character is just as traumatised as Peter and has set out on getting even with anybody displaying homophobic behaviour.

But while he was searching for his new victim in the Square, Ben attacked Peter Beale by mistake, sending him to hospital.

Sharon Watts was aware of this dangerous coping mechanism after catching Ben in the act but stayed quiet.

Unfortunately for him, Jay Brown didn’t have the same courtesy and exposed him to both Callum and Kathy in the hopes of setting him straight.

然而, Ben is set for his own trouble in an upcoming storyline as he befriends Prince Albert manager Lewis Butler.

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I won’t let my dad Ronnie O’Sullivan see my daughter… I don’t even watch him play

Will Peter know the truth about his attack?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

Rocky tries to find Peter's attacker

Rocky tries to find Peter’s attacker信用: 英国广播公司
Little does he know that Ben Mitchell is responsible

Little does he know that Ben Mitchell is responsible信用: 英国广播公司