EastEnders bederf: Phil Mitchell finally tells Kat he’s facing life in prison

EASTENDERS viewers are set to see Phil Mitchell finally tell Kat Slater the truth about his forthcoming prison sentence.

Hardman Phil is facing the rest of his life behind bars and has found it hard to tell Kat that he’s going inside for longer than she expects.

Phil Mitchell finally tells Kat Slater he's facing a life sentence

Phil Mitchell finally tells Kat Slater he’s facing a life sentenceKrediet: BBC

Phil finally admits that he’s actually looking at life in prison leaving Kat flooredbut she vows to stand by him.

And not wanting to put her in harm’s way, Phil fails to give her the full picture and leaves out the informant deal offered by DCI Keeble.

In episodes aired earlier this month, Phil was given the option of avoiding a life sentence in prison for Vincent Hubbard’s murder.

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Viewers know he had nothing to do with itbut the police have seized the available evidence and have a case that could put him away for years.

However they have also offered him a way out.

DCI Keeble made him the offerinsisting her bosses want him to use his retirement from crime in a productive way.

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“Those senior to me have decided they would rather have your knowledge than your scalp," sy het gese.

“I’ve been authorised to offer you a deal.

“Turn informant and all of this Vincent Hubbard business will disappear.”

“You’ve got 24 hours to think about it. You might want to consider what you’ll be leaving behind before you make any rash decisions.”

But will Kat figure out the truth?

Episode airs Thursday January 27th, 7.30pm on BBC one.

Kat is floored but vows to stand by her man

Kat is floored but vows to stand by her manKrediet: BBC

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