Spoilers d'EastEnders: Sonia Fowler humiliated by Janine Butcher

JANINE Butcher’s insecurities are getting out of hand next week as she takes shocking action.

Pour empirer les choses, les EastEnders villain gets on the wrong side of Sonia Fowler.

Sonia Fowler is on to Janine Butcher

Sonia Fowler is on to Janine ButcherCrédit: BBC
The villain has been trying to keep Mick by her side

The villain has been trying to keep Mick by her sideCrédit: BBC
And her paranoia is getting out of control

And her paranoia is getting out of controlCrédit: BBC

Despite proposing to her and being ready to commit to fatherhood once again, Mick Carter has been unable to put Janine’s fears to rest.

For several months, the blonde bombshell portrayed by Découvrez si la chaîne has feared Linda Carter could swoop in and take Mick away from her by rekindling their marriage.

This has led her to some despicable actionsand she keeps stooping lower every week.

Coming up on BBC Un, Linda (Kellie Bright) is worried after having missed her probation appointment to help Janine after a nasty fall.

Her best pal Sharon Watts (Letitia Doyen) turns to Mick (Danny Dyer), begging him to intervene and speak to Murray.

But this has repercussions as Janine is hurt to find out Mick has spent time with Linda again in later scenes.

Feeling insecure, Janine drops an upsetting bombshell on the Vic landlord.

entre-temps, Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) prepares for a job interview but she’s side-tracked when Janine asks her to be a bridesmaid at her upcoming nuptialswhich only offends her.

Plus tard, Sonia finds out what Janine told Mick and, knowing the scheming character very well, figures out that she’s lying.

Janine is confronted by Sonia who then rushes away to tell Mick the truthuntil she’s stopped.

toutefois, Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) may be an even bigger threat to Janine as she begins to get suspicious.

Things go from bad to worse when Janine assures Sonia she’ll tell Mick eventuallyand he overhears her.


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Sonia resists the urge to throw Janine under the bus.

But when she notices how far Janine is going out of fear Linda and Mick could work things out, Sonia takes action.

In later scenes, she makes a mystery phone callwill it help Janine?

There’s also bad news ahead for Sonia as soap bosses intend to pay tribute to iconic actress [object Window], qui passed away in April, 2022.

Sonia misses out on an important phone call but she soon gets news from Irelandher step-grandmother Dot Cotton has died.

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday.

Janine humiliates Sonia next week

Janine humiliates Sonia next weekCrédit: BBC
But there's more bad news ahead for the latter

But there’s more bad news ahead for the latterCrédit: BBC