EastEnders star Lorraine Stanley is unrecognisable from scruffy character Karen on glam night out with pals

LORRAINE Stanley looked worlds away from her EastEnders character Karen Taylor as she glammed up for a night out with friends.

The 45-year-old actress shared a snap from the evening on social media, and fans rushed to leave compliments for her.

Lorraine glammed up for a night out with friends

Lorraine glammed up for a night out with friends

Ela escreveu: “Such a lovely evening with these lovely ladies @saskia_cushh & the birthday girl @shopnadeb @thegeorgeofharpenden.

In the photo Lorraine can be seen with full make-up and is wearing her wavy blonde hair loose, and one follower commented: “Beautiful.Another fan agreed, escrevendo: “Gorgeous.

It was a start contrast to scruffy Karen, who Lorraine has played on the BBC1 soap Desde a 2017.

She previously opened up about playing Karen and confessed she thinks she looks “horrível” no show.

Lorraine said: “I don’t wear a scrap of make up, not even foundation. It’s probably really good for my skin. I do the bun myself and I’m good to go.

E, discussing Karen’s infamous style which usually involves a strappy top and some comfy bottoms, ela adicionou: “I pushed for the bra straps on show and the very tight fitting stuff when I first joined. She’s a big woman who shows her curves. I cover mine but Karen couldn’t care less.

Plus I’ve never played glamorous roles on telly so I’m used to seeing myself and thinking “Oh my God you look awful.”

Although sometimes if my fella is sat next to me and he has Eastenders on I’ll say, “Don’t look at me on screen.” He knows I’m a sort in real life though.

But it seems that Karen could be rubbing off on Lorraine as she admitted that she’s starting to wear some of clothes off screen.

Ela disse: “One of the tops they put me in as a costume the other day I’d just bought for myself, worryingly.

And Lorraine admitted she finds it funny how shocked people are that she doesn’t look like Karen off-screen, adicionando: “Even just my hair down with a fringe throws people.

As Karen Taylor in EastEnders

As Karen Taylor in EastEnders
Lorraine admits she "looks awful" as Karen

Lorraine admits shelooks awfulas Karen

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