I fan di EE hanno aperto la bocca come Kat, Sam e Sharon litigano per strada a pezzi

EASTENDERSKat Slater FINALLY got her revenge on Sam Mitchelland Sharon Watts joins the brawl.

Kat was stunned to find out that Sam was behind the threatening at gunpoint to sign the club over.

Sam makes a startling confession

Sam makes a startling confessionCredito: BBC

Sam tried to defend herself saying she wanted to hurt Phil at the time and she was the only one who got shot to ensure no one else got hurt.

But Kat furious and told her: “We thought we were going to die.. you terrorised my son!”

Kat then slapped Sam in the middle of the square.

An explosive Sam fought back saying how easy it was to scare Kat and Phil and slapped Kat back.

Then Sharon joined in saying: “Hit her again Kat,” before hitting her with her handbag and stating: “I wanted to do that the minute you crawled your way back out the sewer.

Sam replied: “No one knows sewers better than you!”

As a fight broke out, Zack had to take a few punches as he put himself in the middle to separate the women.

Kat demanded Sam to move out.

Sam said: “So where I am suppose to go?”

Kat answered: “To hell.

Fans were shocked at the explosive scrap on the street.


Un altro ha scritto: “This is the #EastEnders I LIVE for.

Dopo, an unlikely duo bond over their common love interest.

Kat asked Sharon how she put up with thenightmares Phil brings home with him.

Sharon suggestedturning a blind eye,” but Kat refused to.

A forensics team have arrived and have begun their investigations at Whitehills Nature Park.

A forensics team have arrived and have begun their investigations at Whitehills Nature Park.Credito: NCJMedia

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Kat expressed her worries about Keeble’s revenge plot and how she might come after her and the kids.

Is she right to worry?

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Kat and Sharon bond

Kat and Sharon bondCredito: BBC
Kat worries for Phil after Keeble revenge plot

Kat worries for Phil after Keeble revenge plotCredito: BBC

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