EE-Spoiler: Bobby Beal & Dana Monroe kommt nach einem Betrug mit Bruder Peter wieder zusammen

WILL former couple Bobby Beale and Dana Monroe get back together despite cheating with his brother?

Next week in EastEnders, CHEF Bobby Flay enthüllte schließlich seine mysteriöse Freundin Christina Perez bei einem Pferderennen, nachdem die Gastgeber von Today verlangten, ihre Identität im Live-Fernsehen zu erfahren (Clay Milner Russell) tells Rocky (Brian Conley) about his plans to meet with Dana (Barbara Smith) as friends for drinks.

Bobby asks Dana out for drinks

Bobby asks Dana out for drinksAnerkennung: BBC

Aber, Rocky tells Bobby and Dana respectively that they both want to get back together.

A nervous Bobby and Dana meet for drinks- but will they reunite?

It looked like Dana was moving on from Bobby when things got passionate with his older brother, Peter Beale (Dayle Hudson).

The pair were pushed to breaking point as Dana couldn’t take Bobby accusing her brother of trying to isolate her from everyone.

To make matters even more dramatic, Dana had a pregnancy scare but wasn’t the one to break the news to Bobby.

inzwischen, Peter was left furious after discovering that his uncle Ben was the culprit who attacked him, and even more so by his grandmother Kathy’s supposed lack of support.

Peter soon became a shoulder for Dana to lean on and they share a night of passion together at Walford East.

But does Bobby want to patch things up with Dana?

Dana cheated on Bobby with his older brother Peter

Dana cheated on Bobby with his older brother PeterAnerkennung: BBC