Ekin-Su e Davide: I telespettatori di Homecomings nuovissimo spettacolo ITV2 "falso".’

EKIN-Su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimenti’s new spin-off show has been branded ‘fakeby viewers after the first episode aired.

Fans of the Love Island winners were excited to tune into ITV2’s Ekin-Su and Davide: Homecomings lunedì sera, but they all had the same complaint.

Ekin appeared angry at Davide but viewers felt the row was 'fake'

Ekin appeared angry at Davide but viewers felt the row was ‘fakeCredito: ITV
Davide insisted he had nothing to hide

Davide insisted he had nothing to hideCredito: ITV

Savvy followers of the couple were convinced the drama in the show was scripted after the pair had a jealous row within the opening ten minutes.

Tension quickly surfaced between the pair during their trip to Verona, Italia.

Fuoco d'azione began to sulk after she noticed a video on Davide’s phone of him and his friends partying with some girls back at his flat in Manchester.

Davide told her she should not have been looking at his phone gallery, but insisted it was just his mates chatting to the women.

Obviously I don’t want this to ruin our trip but I have still got my eye on you,” Ekin told Davide. “Stuff like that is a red flag for me.

You can have your eye on me, I have nothing to hide,” Davide insisted.

Ekin then said in a to-camera interview: “I mean you are in a relationship, you shouldn’t have girls back in your flat. It is just not on really, we are here for a good time, a holiday, in Verona, the city of love and I’m seeing that on his phone.

I just think that is a bit weird and I got annoyed.

The next morning however, Ekin told her man he wasluckythat sheforgavehim and many viewers believed this proved the argument was nothing more than invented tension by the producers.

ITV definitely told them that they have to have arguments for the drama so they had to make something up lmao,” wrote one viewer on twitter.

I live for the fake drama,” added a second.

Ekin Su and Davide – 14 minutes in and it’s a fake pile of s***,fumed a third.

A fourth felt like the show played more like a comedy, scrivere: “Is it just me that feels like this ekin su and Davide show seems like sketches.

They then added a series of crying laughing emojis.

Regardless of whether the drama on screen had a little helping hand from producers or not, fans were still thrilled to see the pair back on screens.

Why am I smiling my gums out watching Ekin-Su and Davide,” uno sgorgava.

These two were made for tvagreed a second.

This intro is so cute omga third chipped in.

The series will see Ekin travel to Davide’s home country of Italy before he joins her in her native Turkey.

The pair were famed for their explosive rows on Love Island, thanks to both of their fiery tempers.

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In one unforgettable moment, Davide branded the Turkish soap staran actressand said she deservedan Oscar”.

The new series sees the pair venture to Italy

The new series sees the pair venture to Italy
The pair appeared to fall out over a video on Davide's phone

The pair appeared to fall out over a video on Davide’s phoneCredito: ITV